Drinking healthy juice will not only remove your thirst but also maintain your body’s health and wellness. Drinking healthy juice can also help you to detoxify your body so that it is free from toxic. If you are on a certain type of detoxification, such as Wild Rose Detox, healthy juice can help you to get the maximum result. Try these juice cleanse recipes below in order to detoxify your body and be healthier.

Yummy Juice Recipes for Detoxification

Tropical Mint

This tropical mint juice recipe will take you back to your favorite beach. Moreover, the mint used in this recipe makes this juice rich in Vitamin A. While the lemon brings some Vitamin C that can boost your immune system and brighten up your skin. The ingredients you need are:

∙        Half of cucumber

∙        2 stalks celery

∙        Half of lemon

∙        A cup of pineapple

∙        2 cups of spinach

∙        3 cups of mint leaves

You just need to put all of the ingredients in your juicer and blend them. You can add ice cubes or put the juice in the fridge to serve it chilled.

Ginger Zinger

This ginger zinger juice is great for you who are fighting against inflammation. This juice recipe contains ginger, making it rich in antioxidants that can relieve inflammation. The ingredients you need to make this cleanse juice are:

∙        2 stalks celery

∙        A green apple

∙        ½ cucumber

∙        ½ lemon

∙        1 ½ cm ginger

∙        ½ cup of parsley

∙        2 cups of spinach

Put all of the ingredients into your juicer and blend them all. Add ice cubes if you want to drink it cold.

Beet It Up

Beets are a great source of antioxidants. Some studies even showed that beets can even help to boost cognitive functions. Drink this juice to start your busy workday. The ingredients you need to make this Beet It Up juice are:

∙        1 ½ cm ginger

∙        3 stalks celery

∙        3 carrots

∙        3 beets

As you can see, you just need a few ingredients to make this cleanse juice. Just like previous recipes, you just need to blend all ingredients with your juicer. Serve chilled with ice cubes if you want to.

Electric Green

This Electric Green juice is very rich in vitamins. It contains Vitamin K from parsley, Vitamin A from spinach, and Vitamin C from lime. This juice is perfect for any of you who need a lot of nutrients and a heavier dose of greens. The ingredients you need are only a few:

∙        1 cucumber

∙        2 green apples

∙        A cup of spinach

∙        A cup of parsley

Combine and blend all of the ingredients by using your juicer. Put the juice in the fridge or add ice cubes to serve it chilled.

Those are the healthy juice recipes that you can try to detoxify your body. Those juice recipes mentioned above ingredients that you can easily find in most markets. Which juice recipe do you want to try?