Kpop idols have a perfect body. They have to control their eating habits to keep their weight and healthy. As a result, they have enough energy to sing and dance. You may ask what do Kpop idols eat, so they can achieve their weights? Check the information below to know about it.

What Do Kpop Idols Eat to Keep Their Ideal Body


Kpop idols follow Korean traditional eating habits. That’s why they eat vegetables a lot. Kimchi is one of the best examples of the way Koreans, including Kpop idols, love to eat vegetables. This menu is even becoming one of the mandatory menus in Korean. Based on the compounds and nutritions, kimchi becomes one of the healthiest meals in the world. Kpop idols also eat vegetables raw or cooked, while eating kimchi. You will also find Korean soups full of vegetables. 


Kpop idols are limited to eating processed foods and sweets. It doesn’t mean that they can’t taste it at all. So, what do Kpop idols eat to substitute sweets? They eat fruits as a healthier option. They are allowed to eat all types of fruits because they are great natural sweeteners.   

Animal Products 

It doesn’t mean that Kpop idols can’t eat anything except vegetables and fruits only to get an ideal body. They are allowed to eat some animal products, especially those that are rich in protein. That’s why you will also find some ingredients, such as eggs, meat, fish, and seafood in the Kpop idols diet plan. Indeed, they can also eat animal products in a small portion. 


Like other Koreans, Kpop idols also eat a variety of mushrooms, such as shitake and king oyster. They eat this ingredient to substitute meat. These mushrooms are often used in menus for vegetarian diet plans. The health benefits are similar to meat, but mushrooms are healthier than meat. 


Surprisingly, Kpop idols also eat rice. Indeed, they have to control the portion and the right time to eat rice. Kpop idols often eat white rice or rice noodles. Rice is popular in many Korean recipes. 


Koreans as well as Kpop idols also love to eat dumplings and pancakes. Instead of eating wheat-based grains, Kpop idols choose to eat wheat-free grains, such as mung bean, potato, or tapioca starch dumplings and pancakes. These ingredients are also a better option compared to rice. 

The Sample Menu 

You can eat three times a day. Breakfast even has an important role for Kpop idols because they need a lot of energy. They can’t sing and dance well without eating a healthy breakfast. Vegetable omelet, pancakes with vegetables, or dumplings. Koreans love to eat Mandoo or meat or vegetable dumplings made with rice and tapioca flour for breakfast.  

Don’t skip your lunch because Kpop idols eat their lunch. For a healthier option, Kpop idols often eat kimchi with tofu, bibimbap, or spicy salad. These menus are enough to recharge their energy after practicing or performing.

Kpop idols also do not skip their dinner. The most important thing is that they know that they have to eat a healthy dinner. For example, they are allowed to eat fried rice and vegetables for dinner. Other alternatives are including glass noodle stir-fry and kimbap. Koreans love to eat kimbap. Sushi rolls will have a variety of fillings, such as vegetables, avocado, shrimp, or tofu. 

Now, you are not curious anymore about what do Kpop idols eat to keep their ideal weight. You can even try to exchange your unhealthy eating habit with healthy eating by following the way your idols eat. It will be better if you do not only love their songs and dances but also their healthy lifestyle. It may inspire you to have an ideal and healthy body like your favorite Kpop idols.