Sciatica is one kind of pain that happen in many people in the world. It’s not only happen in elderly but also in young people. This is a kind of pain that can be cured by a therapy. There is a tool that can be used for release the pain. Here is the explanation about TENS unit for sciatica pain. 

What is Sciatica?

First of all, let’s talk about sciatica. Sciatica is the pain of lower extremity. This pain happens because there is an irritation of the sciatic nerve. This condition could make you feel the pain until you need to lay in your bed for a whole day. 

Sciatica is a kind of pain that caused by many factors. It happens because of the nerve is compressed by overgrowing bone. This condition can happen in many people with high risk like elderly, people with obesity, and many more. Your habit to move carelessly also can induced this pain.

There are some treatments that you can choose to reduce the pain. One of them is use TENS unit therapy. Here is an explanation about this unit and how to use it.

TENS Unit Therapy

People with sciatica can release the pain by using the TENS unit for sciatica. TENS is transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. It provides a non-invasive therapy for sciatica pain. Some people have tried this unit and feel better. Although it’s not make the pain gone immediately but it’s still effective and worth to try.

This unit utilizes a small battery-operator remote. The remote attached by wires to a pads or electrodes. The electrodes will be placed on the body and this unit will transmits an electric current to reduce the pain.

The electrodes need to be placed near the painful area of the body. It will gives the best result at release the pain. Not only used for sciatica, this unit can also be used for other pain such as osteoarthritis, migraines, diabetic neuropathy, and frozen shoulder syndrome.

Here are some advantages of using TENS unit for sciatica:

– It’s very easy to use.

– You can use everywhere you want.

– You can use it until you feel comfortable.

– It’s a non-invasive therapy and low risk.

– It’s easy to get.

– It can be used by all people, old and young.

But, you need to know that this unit is not totally healing the pain. The sciatica pain could happen again. Please still exercise regularly and move carefully. Don’t forget to choose a comfortable chair and bed to keep your back and lower extremity feel comfortable. 

How to Use TENS Unit for Sciatica

How to Use TENS Unit for Sciatica Pain

It’s very easy to use TENS unit. You just need to place the pad in the part of your body that feel pain. You just need to use this unit for 30 minutes each session. But, it’s depending on the level of pain. 30 minutes is recommended for a mild pain. But if the pain is going worse, you can use the unit for 1 hour or more.

This unit is worked by transmit an electrical current. This electrical current will interrupts or blocks the pain signals. But, there is a theory said that the TENS unit helps brain to produce endorphin. Endorphin is hormone that make we feel happy and reduce the pain.

The conclusion is, the TENS unit could be used for sciatica treatment because it can reduce the pain. It may not totally cure sciatica but it can make us feel comfortable. This unit is much recommended for elderly who suffer with sciatica. 

TENS Unit Adjustment and Placement

To get the best result, you need to know the adjustment and placement of TENS unit. TENS unit has three basic settings, conventional, acupuncture, and pulsed or burst setting. Besides, TENS unit also has three components, amplitude, pulse width, and pulse rate.

Here is the explanation of three basic settings in TENS unit for sciatica:


This setting is used when you have a mild sciatica pain. You need to set the high frequency or pulse rate, low amplitude, and short duration or width. Some people feel comfortable with this setting. But for other people with worst pain, it’s not work well. They usually still feel the pain after the unit stops working.


The second setting is acupuncture. This setting will deliver a low frequency or pulse rate and high amplitude. For people with severe pain, this setting can be tried. Acupuncture setting sometime more effective than the conventional setting. People feel more comfortable to use this setting but it depends on the individuals.

Pulsed or Burst Setting

The final setting is pulses or burst setting. This kind of setting delivers a low intensity stimuli with high frequency. But, this setting doesn’t really effective. Even the conventional setting is better than pulsed or burst setting. Because this setting not effective enough, it’s not often used.

How about the placement? You can place the pad in the place you want on your body. Please identify the point of pain. You can feel where the pain you feel the most is. It usually be placed in the lower back, hip or tight, knee, and of course sciatic. As long as you place the pad in the right part, it will be effective to reduce the pain.

One session of therapy could happen for 30 minutes until hours. It depends on your desire. If you feel 30 minutes is not enough, you can make it longer. But, when you feel it’s enough you can stop the session and repeat it again several hours later.

Does It Work?

From the explanation above, there should be a question about this unit. Does this unit work or not? This unit is very recommended for you who have sciatica pain. It will release the pain immediately. It will help you relax because the pain will be gone. But, it’s not really work for people who have a severe sciatica pain. When the pain is too strong, this unit just reduce the pain for a moment.
So, do you want to try the TENS unit for sciatica pain? You can try this unit because it’s worth enough to try. It’s effective to reduce the pain and make you feel comfortable. Also, you still need to get a treatment from your doctor when the pain is going worse.