Tarahumara diet has been quite famous among runners. Tarahumara itself is a tribe you will find in Northern Mexico, on the Sierra Madre Mountains high terrains. Here you will find famous endurance runners with a magnificently athletic physique. 

The tribe defines themselves as people who love to run with long-distance and endurance specialties. This has even become part of their daily life. Running is in their blood since the tribe would run up to 500 miles per week. 

The content of the diet is mainly based on veggies and plants as well as a small amount of meat for the supplement. 

In this article, we will break down things you need to know about this diet plan. Other than that, you can try the recipe to make the beers native to Tarahumara and their energy drinks.

Tarahumara Running Technique

Before jumping to the recipe and diet plan, you can learn how to run like a Tarahumara. This tribe has a specific yet unique running technique that will force you to run barefoot. 

Running with shoes is good but we must try at least once in our life to run without them. The ancestors, according to Tarahumara, have been developed in a certain way to let our feet responding the ground surface ergonomically. 

On the other hand, the Tarahumara running technique is much more effective. Also, Tarahumara can run on various types of terrains barefoot.

We can find a lot of running shoes today. Of course, they offer better protection for runners but at some point, using running shoes could lead to unnecessary injuries. While you run on your feet without a pair of running shoes, you can avoid any running-shoes-related injuries and run long distances seamlessly.

The running technique developed by Tarahumara focuses on the shoulders, hands, and arms of every runner. It helps to relax these parts while you are running. Of course, it requires more effort while starting but it will develop and be improved as you practice. 

Keep in mind that the tribe has been running since they were born. Thus, don’t be too hard on yourself when you start your running journey.

How can you start the Tarahumara running technique?

You need to keep your upper body straight and start to eliminate running shoes from your running practices. Tarahumara also runs on the feet’s balls so the feet would land smoothly to prevent any impact injury. 

According to research and evidence, running barefoot exposes to minimal ankle sprain cases and other orthopedic problems. It is no wonder since your feet give active responses when touching the ground. 

It may seem scary to run barefoot but you would love how beneficial this thing could be.

Tarahumara Runners Diet

As has been shortly mentioned earlier, the Tarahumara diet mainly consists of plants and veggies that contain a high level of carbs. The ingredients keep the tribe runs consistently and exceptionally from time to time. 

Generally, the Tarahumara runners’ diet keeps the meat and dairy products on a minimum while declining all processed sugar and foods as much as possible. 

Well, they locally produce a beer called the corn beer though. The beer also contains a low level of alcohol while high in carbs. Drinking the beer during races and other events is their tradition after all. 

Their diet comprises squash, beans, maize, and other greens. The meat sources come from chicken and freshwater fish. 

This diet plan prevents the tribe from type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular health conditions, and cancer. They keep the protein intake in 87 grams per day while restricting salt to 8 grams per day. 80 percent of their calories come from carbs and several types of vitamins along with iron and calcium are what they eat daily.

Tarahumara Beer Recipe

We also mentioned that the tribe produces a local beer called the corn beer. Tarahumara beer recipe can be touted as one of the easiest yet complex recipes. 

As its name suggests, the beer uses tons of corn. Thus, the tribe grows corn on their land. You can make the beer at home by following these tips.

Soak the corn kernels for days – this is called germination. Once everything is germinated enough, boil everything and add wild yeast for fermentation. It takes a certain amount of local grass to give a flavor to the beer. This beer is rich in vitamin B and carbs after all, which what you need to keep running long distances.

Pinole Drink Benefits

Pinole and the corn beer are two different things. While the corn beer is what they do for fun, Pinole is another staple of the tribe. 

According to research and evidence, the Pinole drink gives a bunch of benefits when it comes to increasing energy, maintaining endurance, and recovery process. Tarahumara runners consume the Pinole drink as their workout shots. 

Besides antioxidants, the drink contains a humble amount of vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C along with a moderate level of protein – it contains a low level of fat!

You can also make the drink but need to follow the process to extract the ingredients. Again, you need the corn kernels and dry them in the freezer. 

Put all grains in the oven and set the oven to a low temperature until the grains are dehydrated. Spread the dry kernels on a non-stick frying pan and roast them until they get a brownish look while the kernels are inflated. Grin the roasted kernels until the texture is quite fine. 

You need to add taste to the drink. The ingredients can be found easily in your kitchen though.

The taste consists of half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder, a tablespoon of honey or brown sugar, and one teaspoon of Himalayan pink salt. Mix the taste ingredients and ground roasted kernel along with chia seeds. 

Put three cups of water and stir everything together. You already have your Pinole drink then. It supports the Tarahumara’s active lifestyle which could benefit you as well. 

The consistency might not be the best part of this drink but you can grab a bunch of benefits from the drink.