If it seems that you can’t live without eating sugar, you may be addicted to this ingredient. The latest research concludes that sugar has similar effects just like nicotine, cocaine, and morphine. The most common sign that you are addicted to sugar is when you consume it 22 up to 30 teaspoons a day. Sugar can’t only make you addicted but also unhealthy. Consuming too much sugar increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. You can start to reduce or stop consuming sugar by applying the latest diet plan known as the sugar detox diet. You should learn first how this diet works as well as the benefits for your health.

What Happens When You Stop Eating Sugar

So, can you survive without sugar? What happens when you stop eating sugar? The truth is that you can stop eating sugar. The most important thing is that you know how to do it in the right way. You may suffer from sugar withdrawal symptoms. Sugar withdrawal symptoms often appear when you suddenly stop eating sugar whereas you are a sugar eater.

Sugar Detox Diet

Headache, Exhausted, Brain Fog, and Irritability

Studies explain that you will suffer from several side effects when sugar eaters suddenly stop eating this ingredient. Commonly, you will feel exhausted, headaches, brain fog, and irritability. The worse side effect is that you may face gastrointestinal distress. These side effects are similar to people who suddenly stop consuming drugs. Anytime you consume sugar, your body produces dopamine and serotonin. These hormones trigger a good feeling. When you force yourself to stop eating sugar, your body goes withdrawal. As a result, your body feels unpleasant. Your mood may change drastically from good to bad. The main cause is that your body only has a low level of glucose, dopamine, and serotonin. Sugar withdrawal symptoms happen for about two weeks. As your body starts to get used to the condition, you will be back to normal and even fresher than before. That’s why you don’t have to consume sugar back only because you feel the sugar withdrawal symptoms. The longer you stop consuming sugar, the lesser you feel the symptoms.

Reduce Skin Inflammation

If you are suffering from skin inflammation or irritation, you should try to stop eating sugar. Sugar triggers breakouts around the skin. The more you eat food consists of a high level of refined sugar, the higher your insulin level. The higher your insulin level, the higher the skin inflammation skin. Commonly, it triggers acne, wrinkles, rosacea, and sagging skin. The best thing to do is starting to reduce or stop eating food with refined sugar such as candy bars, cake, cookies, and many more. The idea of doing a sugar detox diet is to lower your insulin level. The low level of insulin leads to the growth of collagen and skin elasticity. Specific skin problems such as acne or wrinkles are disappearing slowly.

Better Sleeping Quality

It is the same case when you are suffering from insomnia or sleeping difficulty. Too much consuming refined sugar will reduce the level of Slow Wave Sleep or SWS, Rapid Eye Movement or REM sleep, and dream phase. How if you stop eating sugar? Your body reacts oppositely. Slowly but sure, you will have better sleeping quality. You may not reach the goal in a few days. Just do the sugar detox diet for a few weeks to feel the result.

Weight Loss

Most people associate sugar with an overweight issue. The truth is that eating too much sugar leads to an overweight problem. Stop eating sugar can be one of the solutions to get your ideal weight back. What happens to your weight when you stop eating sugar? Your storage of fat will decline slowly after deciding not to eat sugar anymore. Due to this condition, you will lose some pounds. Remember! It is not an instant method. The process takes time. Commonly, you can feel the result after one or two weeks. The most important thing is that you do the sugar detox diet consistently and as long as possible. If it is necessary you can do a sugar detox diet as a new healthy lifestyle. The longer you stop consuming sugar, the more incredible things happen to you.

Looks Younger with Healthier Skin

Experts explain that people who only consume a little of sugar and even stop it look younger. They often don’t have wrinkles around the skin. The best reason is that people without sugar have more collagen and elastin. These two proteins make the skin look younger. In this condition, your body doesn’t do the glycation process. It is the process when the sugar molecules bind to the collagen and elastin in your skin. As a result, your skin only has a little amount of collagen and elastin and it means more wrinkles.

Makes You Happy

Sugar makes you happy, but it is temporary. You have to face various diseases after a few years. Based on research, people who often consume sugar around 67 grams or more a day have a higher risk of depression. You can only consume sugar less than 40 grams a day. How about if you stop eating sugar? Can you feel happy? Yes, you can be even happier without sugar. You may torture in the first or second weeks after doing a sugar detox diet. After that, you will feel the benefits.

Fight Against Various Diseases

A sugar detox diet is not only preventing you from serious or deadly diseases. You can also use this diet to treat specific common diseases such as cold and flu. The more you consume sugar, the lower your immune system. As a result, your body is too weak to fight against cold, flu, or allergies. Stop consuming sugar strengthens your immune system, so your body can fight against cold, flu, and allergy.

Clean and White Tooth along with Good Breath

Another simple good thing that you will get after discontinued consuming sugar is white teeth and good breath. Sugar easily triggers cavities. When the cavities interact with bacteria in your mouth it performs acid. The more acid in your mouth, the more decays on your tooth. The worst part is that you will also get bad breath. Try to reduce or stop eating sugar and feel the difference before and after doing it.

Boost Your Sexual Life

Stop eating sugar is also good for your sexual life. The high level of insulin leads to low sex drive and function. Your body will produce a high level of insulin when you eat too much sugar. The side effect will be the same whether for men and women. In some cases, it triggers irregular periods and hair loss. So, try to reduce and stop eating sugar if you want to have a better sexual life.

Reduce the Risk of Suffering from Type 2 Diabetes

Indeed, people who love to eat sugar will have a higher risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes. Stop eating sugar will reduce the risk because your body produces less insulin. This condition fixes the performance of your liver. You have to stop eating sugar for up to 5 weeks or more to feel the positive impacts. It takes more time if you are people with insulin resistance.

Sugar Detox Diet Mental Symptoms

It is hard to stop eating sugar, especially if you get used to it. A sudden stop leads you to several serious mental symptoms. The side effects are almost the same if you have to stop consuming drugs.


You are often happy and have a good mood after eating or drinking something containing sugar. It will be different if you decided to start your life without sugar. You will start to suffer from sugar withdrawal symptoms. The symptoms can attract your mind. You may suffer from depression and a bad mood because you lose something that makes you feel pleasurable. The level of dopamine is dropping drastically.


Don’t get shocked when you feel anxious after deciding to stop eating sugar. It is a common sugar withdrawal symptom. In some cases, you are not only feeling anxious but also nervous, restless, and irritable. People around you may think that you are less patient than before.

Sleeping Difficulty

Due to the drastic change in your mood, you will suffer from sleeping difficulty. It seems hard for you to fall asleep when you do a sugar detox diet. This condition happens for a few weeks. After that, you can sleep well throughout the night.

Cognitive Problem

Sugar seems to make you a better person. You can focus on something you do. In contrast, you will lose your concentration when you quit sugar. It seems that you need more time to finish jobs and tasks. You can also forget things.

High Level of Desire

You will crave sugar after a few days. It seems that you want to eat sugar even more than the usual portion. You will not only have a high level of desire to sugar but also other foods that contain sugar. You may want to eat bread, pasta, and chips a lot more than before. It seems that you want to eat all of them alone.  

What you should understand is that those symptoms are temporary. You will feel better after your body detoxes sugar. You feel healthier and fresher along with less sugar in your body.    

Sugar Detox Diet Physical symptoms

You are not only facing mental symptoms but also physical symptoms while doing a sugar detox diet. In the first few days, you will suffer from a headache. The longer the days, you feel worse. Besides headache, you will also suffer from dizziness, nausea, tingling, and fatigue. Just like the mental symptoms, physical symptoms are also temporary. You will feel better after a week or two weeks.

How to Do Sugar Detox Diet More Comfortably  

The most important thing is that you finally understand that you can live without sugar. A sugar detox diet is an example of how people can start a new life with no sugar at all. So, how about dealing with sugar withdrawal symptoms? It seems hard to fight against the symptoms, especially if it gets worse day by day. The thing you can do is practicing a sugar detox diet slowly. You may start by reducing the sugar portion a day. For example, you can try to drink a cup of coffee or tea without sugar. You can go to the next level when you are ready until you are ready to eat or drink without sugar at all. The drawback is that you still feel the symptoms and it can be longer than if you decide to cut sugar consumption at once. You may only feel the symptoms in the first week and that’s it! The longer you cut sugar, the longer the sugar withdrawal symptoms.

Another good way to do sugar detox diet more comfortably as well as reduce the sugar withdrawal symptoms is by eating more protein. You can eat more fish, poultry, and lean cuts of meat during this diet plan. You can also consume nuts and seeds if you love to eat snacks. Besides eating food with a high level of protein, you can also eat food with a high level of fiber. This is a healthy way to keep you satisfied longer. Fiber helps to control your blood sugar. As a result, it can also control the sugar withdrawal symptoms. It reduces the headache and nausea during a sugar detox diet. You can eat beans and legumes for your snack.

Anytime you feel the temptation to eat sugar or food contains sugar, just drink water. Water keeps you hydrated. You will feel more benefits of drinking water along with eating a fiber-rich diet when you cut sugar. The idea of drinking water is to control your craving problem that often appears after cutting sugar.

Just do something that you love such as take a walk, read books, listen to music, do exercises, or many more when you feel under pressure with the diet. Doing something you love will reduce stress tension. You try to make your brain forget about sugar by distracting it with other pleasurable things. Researchers found that taking a walk for about 15 minutes a day can reduce stress as well as the craving for sugar foods. One thing for sure, you have to start a sugar detox diet slowly. You should also talk to your doctor before starting this diet. Your doctor can give good advice on how to do a sugar detox diet better and more comfortable. In the end, you will feel the benefits and get something that you want to achieve through a sugar detox diet.