Fever is one of the most common illnesses found in children. Either it is because of infection, seasonal allergies, or toxic air, the illness just shows that your kid’s immune system is not in good condition. Fever is not always bad, though.

However, it usually brings discomfort to your little one. While many parents tend to rush to a pediatrician to get a medical prescription to lower the fever, you can take another solution. The healing properties can even be found in your kitchen or backyard. Yep, many home remedies are available out there and can be used to cure your kid’s fever. Get to know simple but effective tips on how to reduce fever in child naturally on the following page. 

Reduce Fever in Child Naturally

#1. Nourishing Soup

When a child gets a fever, most parents usually focus on lowering the high temperature. But the real danger is actually the dehydration caused by the loss of essentials minerals during the fever. Not only that but dehydration might also be a result of excessive sweat when the body temperature of your kid is getting high. Dehydration on children with a fever will lead them to suffer from a more serious health issue in the future if not handled well.

A hot bowl soup can be a great solution to overcome the problem. It will provide your little ones with important minerals and vitamins to keep their bodies hydrated. The minerals and vitamins contained in the soup can also replace the loss of electrolytes caused by the fever. Not only beneficial, but the soup is also easy to digest and will not burden the kid’s stomach. However, make sure to feed the kid with homemade soup only and avoid using instant products.

#2. A Lukewarm Bath with Apple Cider Vinegar

An old belief says that dipping a towel in cold water and then put it on the kid’s forehead will help to lower the fever. Some people even believe that ice-cold baths can help the condition. Well, it is not always true. The fact is that a cold towel and ice cold baths can bring a shock to your kid’s internal temperature.

They will not low down the fever effectively either. On the other hand, placing a warm towel on the forehead of the kids or put them in a lukewarm bath will work much more effectively to lower the fever. They are gentler to your children’s high internal temperature and bring it down fast. You can also add a cup of apple cider vinegar to the lukewarm water to get the best result. As an alternative, just add a few drops of apple cider vinegar to a warm towel before placing it on your kid’s forehead.

#3. Drink Herbal Teas

Herbal teas have been known as one of the most powerful remedies for various illnesses and health conditions, including fever in kids. This can be a great alternative to take especially if your children refuse to drink water when they are having a fever. Not only helping the kids to avoid dehydration, but herbal teas can also cure the fever.

Herbal teas are safe for children as long as they do not contain caffeine. One of the most popular herbal teas to lower fever is the one made of chamomile extraction. This home remedy is even safe for toddlers. Another popular herbal tea option for children with fever is peppermint tea. The fresh taste of the tea will bring comfort to your kids. It also contains ingredients that can ease congested airways and soothe pain in the stomach as the side effects of the fever. To get a better result, you can add extra antibacterial powers to the herbal teas. Meanwhile, a teaspoon of honey will make the taste of the herbal teas much better.

#4. Probiotics

Probiotics can come as a savior when your kid’s immune system is not at its best. You need to keep in mind that most of the time the immune system relies on the small microbes that inhabit your gut. A dose of probiotic supplements can help you strengthen your children’s gut microbes when they are having a fever. If your children are on a course of antibiotics, giving them the probiotic supplements will avoid an upset stomach. To prevent any kind of health problems in the future, giving the kids a dose of the supplements will also be very helpful.

#5. Fruit Popsicle

Speaking about how to reduce fever on child naturally, never skip fruit popsicles for the top list. This is probably one of the most fun ways to lower fever in children and they will just love it. Even if the kids are not sick, fruit popsicles are always tempting for them. Contrary to people’s belief, iced fruit popsicles can help you to cool down high temperatures on your kids simply from the inside. Not only that but the iced popsicles can also be used to prevent dehydration on children with fever. Creating popsicles made of your kids’ favorite fruits will also very helpful. However, make sure to avoid adding refined sugars to the freezing pureed fruits that you are going to put in the popsicle molds. 

#6. Cold Compress

Though cold compress is not as effective as a warm compress pack, it is still helpful. It is even considered one of the most powerful natural fever reducers, especially on babies. All you need to do is prepare four tablespoons of cold water and then add a few drops of apple cider vinegar in it. Then, stir the two ingredients until they are perfectly mixed.

The apple cider vinegar added to the cold water can be used as a heat remover and lower the internal body temperature on kids almost immediately. Once the two ingredients are completely mixed, you can dip a clean cloth in it. Then, put the cold compress on your kid’s forehead and repeat it several times until the fever is gone.

#7. Put Lightweight Clothing on the Child

When your kid having a fever, make sure to remove extra layers of clothing from your little one. This will allow your child to use his/ her skin to remove the heat. As an alternative, you can put thin cotton clothes on your kid to reduce fever. This is possible to happen since unlike adults, most children can’t manage the temperature of their bodies well. In this way, it is harder for them to cool their body temperature down if they are wearing thick clothes or ones with multiple layers. Removing extra layers from your kids will help them to lower fever naturally and fast.

#8. Consume Turmeric Milk

Turmeric is a powerful herbal. This natural ingredient has been used widely in Asia, especially in India. People in the country even use turmeric in almost all food recipes. Not only foods but turmeric are also added to drinks, especially milk. This is because the natural ingredient comes with the ability to cure a wide range of health issues.

Turmeric is even considered one of the best Indian home remedies to treat fever in children. People in the country usually give their children a glass of turmeric milk to cool down a fever. Studies reveal that turmeric comes with an active ingredient called curcumin. Researches show that this active ingredient comes with an anti-inflammatory effect.

This will be beneficial the most to improve your kids’ immune system. Not only that but feeding your children with a glass of turmeric milk every night will lower risks of fever on them. You can also adopt the habit of people in India to add turmeric to the foods they consume daily. This can be one of the best ways to reduce the chances of your kids to suffer from many health issues in the future.

#9. Back to Nature

Last but not least. One of the best tips on how to reduce fever in child naturally is back to nature and go green. Instead of relying on modern medication such as paracetamol to cool down fever, you can use things you can find in nature. Not only effective, but the natural ingredients are zero effect. For instance, despite the nice taste of grape, the fruit also comes with a cooling effect. Consuming grapes when the body temperature of your kids can also be very refreshing.

All you need to do to lower fever in your kids by using grapes is make a glass of juice from the fruit. Then, make sure to add a half teaspoon of cumin and fennel the juice. Stir the ingredients well until they are mixed thoroughly. Don’t forget to put half of teaspoon of sandalwood powder in the mixture for the best result.

The mixture of natural ingredients can cool down temperature effectively and fast. As an alternative, you can put a handful of cilantro in one-third cup of water. Then, blend the two ingredients. Make your children drink to drink the mixture of the two ingredients 2 or 3 times a day to get rid of the fever effectively.