Have you wondered why your diet didn’t give you the result you want? The answer is your lack of exercise. Exercise will train your muscles and improve your body’s metabolism. It, then, burns more fats. Any exercise will help you to achieve this condition. So, if you can do something simple, like push ups everyday, you can get the result that you want. The truth is push up could be the best choice for a simple yet effective exercise you can do every day. For that reason, we will try to find more about this exercise.

Pushups Every Day

The Benefits of Doing Pushups Every Day

  • Train Your Upper Body Strength Easily

As we mentioned above, exercises, including push up, will help you train your muscle and improve your metabolism. As for pushup, due to its position, you can easily train your upper body. It is useful and maybe the easiest way to improve your upper body strength. 

Push Ups will train your triceps, shoulders, as well as pectoral muscles. If you do it correctly, the result will be shown in a few weeks. Furthermore, the right pushups method also helps you to train your core and lower back, plus the abdominal muscle. It is an important part of your body that affects your body balance and strength.   

  • Easy to Do Anywhere and Anytime You Want

However, the main benefit you will get from using pushup as your everyday training choice is it’s easy to do. You don’t need any tools. You use your body as the weight to train your muscles. You may still need some tools, like a training mat. But, generally, you don’t need that to do a pushup. Plus, you also can do this exercise almost anywhere and anytime you need it. Whether you are traveling or working at your office, pushup can be a great exercise to spend your spare time.

  • Cheap Yet Effective Exercise

As it doesn’t need a tool, it means you also don’t need to spend more money on this exercise. Therefore, pushup also is considered to be the cheapest exercise you can try. 

How to Do Pushup Correctly and Effectively?

You can only get all those benefits if you do the pushup correctly. You need to remember, a pushup is still a physical activity. If you do it incorrectly, there is a risk of injury. The worst of all, without a proper method to do the pushup, you won’t get any result from your hard work. You only waste your time and energy every day.

Here are simple guides for pushup exercise you can do every day:

  1. Position your body by keeping your knee close to each other behind you. Use your feet to support the bottom part of your body.
  2. Make a high plank position and bend forward to start the pushup. This is the starting position you need to do before doing the pushup. And, make sure that your back is in a straight position, so you also can train your back muscle and core.
  3. Position your palm against the floor shoulder-wide. Make sure your arm is in straight form. You use it to support your upper body part. Your palm and finger must face to the front. Close the finger as well. You can look at the front direction or to the floor. Just choose the position that you feel comfortable with. After you do all these 3 steps, you are ready to start your pushups exercise.

Next, we are going to show you how to start the pushup to get the maximum result.

  1. After you make the position on step 3 above, slowly bend your elbow to the back. This will move your chest close to the floor. However, make sure that your chest doesn’t touch the floor. Make a distance with the floor as close as you can.
  2. Once you do the first step, you need to push your body up. So, do the opposite that the first step told you to. Slowly, straight up your arm/elbow until you return to the starting pushup position. When you do this, keep your back and leg straight. Once you finish this step, it means you have done one pushup move. Repeat it as much as you want or can.

Tips on Doing Pushup 

1. Change the Supporting Palm Position for Extra Muscle Exercise

One important thing that you also need to know is the position of the palm on the starting position and the direction of the elbow when you bend it/press it to the floor. The steps we explained above are very effective to train your back muscle, shoulder, biceps, and triceps. However, if you modify the palm’s position and elbow direction a bit, you also can train your chest muscle.

How to Adjust Palm Position

  1. You need to put your palm slightly wider than your shoulder. 
  2. Then, when you move your body down, instead of to the back, bend your elbow to the side. This slight change will give you extra exercise for your muscle. You can use it to make a variation on your pushup.
  • Make Your Body Form Straight Easily
  1. Ask Help from Others – One of the problems you have to face when you do pushup is your body form. Your body must form a straight line to get the best from your pushup. You can ask other people to tell you whether you make this form. 
  2. Using Mirror – You also can put a mirror on your side and see it yourself whether you make a correct form.
  • Using Knee for Supporting Your Lower Body

Supporting the body with a tiptoe when doing push ups could be very hard to do for some people. If you also feel this way, you can change it by using your knee as the supporting part of the lower body. It is much easier and perfect for you who just started this exercise. However, once you are used to this position, which also means your upper body strength has increased, you can use the tiptoe to give more challenge to your muscle.

2. Pushup Challenge

When you do the form that we explained above every day, there is a period where you will reach the plateau stage. This is the condition when your body is accustomed to your pushup training. You will only get small and even no change in this stage. Therefore, you need to challenge yourself to give your body more pressure. This is the only way to get a better result.

As for the challenge, you can try changing the palm position as we explained above. Or, you also can try the method below.

–      Rolling pushup

  1. Do one pushup move.
  2. When you return to the starting position, lift one of your arms and put it straight to the top to make a side plank. Do it with the other arm as well.
  3. Return to the starting position and do one more move. Do 5 to 10 repetitions to get the extra exercise that you need.

–      Hip abduction

  1. At the starting position, lift one of your legs off the floor and move it slightly away from your hips. So, you will support your bottom part of your body with one leg.
  2. Then perform one pushup move. 
  3. Do 6 to 8 repetitions. And then change it with the other legs.

–      Hip turn

  1. Do one pushup move.
  2. Once you return to the starting position, turn your hip to the left and right slowly. Ensure that you turn your hip completely, so your lower abdomen will face the right or left direction where you turn your hip.
  3. Do 6 to 8 repetitions. This exercise will train your lower abdomen and core. Furthermore, this is also a great pushup training to get the six-pack abs.

–      Finger supports

Once you get used to the pushup position and challenges we mentioned above, you can try the finger pushup challenge. It is changing the way you support your upper body. You don’t use your palm, but your fingers. It is very difficult and has a high risk of injury. Therefore, try it after you feel that your body can take this challenge. This challenge will train your forearms and finger muscle. 

The Goal and Result

A pushup is indeed a simple yet effective exercise. However, to get the best result, you need to challenge yourself. All the variations we mentioned above could be a great way to keep your body facing a new wall to overcome. But, you may have a dream to do 100 pushups a day. This is, in fact, the real challenge you need to face. 

The tips to get this challenge done are doing it slowly. You can’t force your body to do 100 pushups every day. You will get only nothing but injury. Do it slowly, increase the repetition, and once your muscle is ready, you can go through to the 100 pushups and even more. 

Once you can do that, you will notice that your body has changed. You have toned and trained upper body muscles. Your body core, strength and balance improve significantly. And, you won’t see any fats under your upper arms anymore. Therefore, do not hesitate to try this exercise. Push ups everyday might seem too easy. But, once you do it correctly, you will get the best result you never expected.