Do you need to drink a protein shake before or after workout? A protein shake is common for all people who like to do workout and they grow their muscle in a maximum way. Why do you need to take a protein shake? Before you know more about when the best time to drink a protein shake, you can read some information here.

What is a Protein Shake?

To get maximum benefits of drinking a protein shake, you need to know what the meaning of protein shake. A protein shake is a drink that is made by mixing protein powder with water. Some other additional ingredients added to the protein shake too. It can be related to some ingredients that support your diet program.

Protein Shake

What does a protein shake work for your body?

Protein shake will promote muscle gain. It helps to improve performance and also recovery too. When you drink a protein shake, the protein shake will help to prevent muscle loss and it helps to increase muscle mass during the weight loss.

Most people who consume protein shake are people who want to lose their weight. Is it effective for you who like to reduce your body weight? When you do a diet program, what you need to do is eating more protein because protein is an important nutrient for your body that will not increase fat.

When you consume enough protein, you can boost your metabolism and also reduce your appetite. People who lose their appetite will be easy to lose their body fat too. Most people finally choose to consume protein shake because it is the simplest way to add more protein to your diet program.

You don’t need to consume and cook some other ingredients to fulfill your protein need. People who drink protein shake often ask whether consuming protein shake is bad or not for their body. Some protein powder may contain sugars and calories.

Sugars may increase your weight again. That is why you should not only choose the right protein shake products but you need to know the best time to drink a protein shake. Below, you can get the answer about the right time to drink protein shake.

When Is the Best Time to Take Protein?

Protein is important for muscle growth and also repair process. Many people choose to consume protein in the form of shakes along with their workouts. When you search some information related to the best time to take protein is still debatable. It is a hot topic for more people who like to do workout and they like to grow their muscles in a fast time.

Some people say that the best time to consume protein shake is before they do the workout. The other people think that consuming protein shake is best when it is done after they do the workout. Which one is right? You should not need to know about the right time to consume protein shake but you need to know how much protein you need per day.

For all of you who are 68 kg or more you need to consume at least 109 grams protein per day. For getting the optimum result, you can spread the protein over three or your four-meal schedule.

Protein shake usually contains 25-30 grams of protein per scoop. People who like to do exercises every day will need more protein than they don’t like to do exercise.  They need to consume more protein because protein as it is said above needed to support muscle recovery and also growth.

Should You Drink Protein Before or After a Workout?

According to the study with the topic of protein shake before or after workout, there are some researchers check the effects of consuming a protein shake before and after workout by seeing the muscle strength and size.

The study uses 21 men and split the men into two groups. Each of the groups consume protein shake in two different times, before workout and after workout. They do workout for 10 weeks. The study found no significant result in the size of muscle and muscle strength before and after the workout.

The summary from the study is whether you consume your protein shake before or after your workout, it will not give an effect to your muscle size and strength. The most important thing that you must do is consuming your protein shake in regularly time.

Types of Protein

When you check in some stores, you will be able to find so many products of protein shake. Sometimes you are confused in choosing one of the best protein shakes. You are not only suggested to consume protein shake only but you need to consume some types of protein sources such as:

–  Consume Whey Protein. Whey protein is a protein milk that can absorb your body in a very easy way. Whey protein contains a bio active protein that can give you some more health benefits.

–  Consume Casein Protein. It is another type of milk protein. In some stores, you can find some brands of casein protein that can give you 60% protein per scoop.

–  Consume egg protein. Most people will love to consume eggs. It is well known as a protein source that can be found in a very easy way. It is sold at a very affordable price but gives you more benefits. You can consume egg in various ways but it is good for you to simply boil the egg and then consume it.

–  Soy protein. Soy protein is one of the best plant proteins that contains high amino acids. It is recommended for all of you who are vegetarians.

–  Rice and Pea Protein. The combination of protein and amino acids can be found in Rice and Pea protein. Rice and pea protein are low allergenic. When you combine consume a protein shake and some other protein source you will be easy to reach your daily protein target.

Benefits of Consuming Protein Shake

Protein shake is popular and it is consumed by gym-goers and also dieters worldwide. People usually will replace one or more meals with a protein shake and also some supplements to get better results on their diet program or muscle growth program. There are some benefits that you will get when you always consume protein. You are free to choose powder form of protein shake or it can be mixed in a shaker too. The form of protein can be chosen based on the needs and also your health goals. People can consume a protein shake before they go to bed, in the morning, before or after exercise, or anytime throughout the day. So, what are some benefits that you will get when you consume protein shake?


–  It is important to lose your weight in fast time

–  It is good to improve your physical endurance

–  It reduces hunger

–  It helps to improve glycemic control

–  It helps to preserve lean mass

–  It increases satiety during your diet program

Improve your blood sugar level. Protein is also good for you who have pre diabetes and diabetes problems. Protein will help your body to improve your blood sugar level. The supplement with lower sugar and calories with decrease appetite. It reduces food intake. Protein is also good to boost your metabolism system too.

Increases bone strength. Protein is good to improve your bone health. It is one of the most important benefits of protein shake for women because the bone is important for our body. When you consume protein regularly, it prevents fractures and it increases bone strength. It helps to stimulate the production of insulin-like and it helps in building lean mass.

To get maximum benefits for your bone health, you need to consume protein and combine with calcium too. People can reduce the possibility of getting osteoporosis when they always consume enough protein and calcium.

Whether protein shake is really necessary ?

The last question that is often asked by so many people in the world is whether protein shake is really necessary or not. Protein shake with all benefits that you will get important for you. It helps you to grow your muscle better rather than when you don’t consume a protein shake or other products of protein.

Protein is not only good for people who like to do workout but for you who want to reduce the risk of diabetes and people who do diet program. You can consume protein shake as your lifestyle or new habit. It helps you to get maximum benefits without doing some complicated cooking processes.

When you choose to consume a protein shake, you need to stay active. It will not work in the maximum way when you only drink protein shake without doing exercises. You will get better health and fitness goals when you combine protein shake and activities.

For all healthy people, they are no health risks that you will get when you consume a protein shake and consume some other protein sources.

It is clear now, that you need to consume protein shake to replace your common meal. It works effectively when you consume a protein shake and do the workout.

You are free to choose your time to consume a protein shake. Both consuming protein shake before or after workout will give similar benefits for your muscle gain and also muscle size.