Most of the people in the world are searching for ways to lose weight and get the perfect model-like body.

The internet is full of weight loss tips and techniques!

However, everything looks easy on the internet until you practically try it. Many people give up on weight loss due to lacking inspiration and uncontrollable food cravings. 

If you are facing the same predicament we can help you. There are many things you can do it make weight loss program easier for you.

If you are a part of the pro-ana community, you might have heard about thinspo and reverse thinspo. You can use these techniques along with pro ana appetite suppressants to curb down your hunger and control food cravings.

It will boost the weight loss process and help you get a body to die for in a quick time.

Pro Ana Appetite Suppressants 2021

Pro Ana Appetite Suppressants:

Pro Ana = Pro Anorexia. It has become a popular term on the internet. There are many pro ana sites on the internet where they promote behaviours like anorexia and bulimia to lose and control weight.

There are pro ana organizations and community created by young people where they share their experiences and inspire other people to lose weight.

They also promote the use of pro ana appetite suppressants. These are pills and supplement which stops you from feeling hungry. If you are trying to lose weight and finding it difficult to control your cravings and hunger, you can take these pills.

There are many other weight loss techniques you can opt for but this is the easiest one. You don’t have to work hard or devote time to use this method. 

Pros and Cons of Pro Ana Appetite Suppressants:

You need to be careful while taking these pills. Make sure you prescribe a doctor before you use it. Don’t start eating anything you see on the web. It is better to go with suppressants which are harmless and safe.


Here are the pros of taking appetite suppressants.

  • No need for a heavy workout
  • Less time consuming
  • Easily available
  • Safe and harmless
  • A hassle-free way to lose weight
  • Easy to control cravings
  • Affordable
  • Boosts confidence
  • Weight loss in less time


Here are the cons of taking appetite suppressants.

  • Possible side effects
  • Not for all
  • Results might vary from one person to other
  • Interact with existing medical conditions

Top Four Pro Ana Appetite Suppressants in the Market:

Here are the top four hunger suppressants you can use. However, you need a prescription to use these medicines.


It is also known as Didrex. It comes in the form of a pill which helps you to control appetite. Moreover, it is an anorexic pill which is good for obese people.


It is known by many names, i.e. Sanorex or Mazano. It is mostly useful for Muscular Dystrophy but people use it for suppressing their hunger as well.


It is known as Tepanil or Tenuate. You can only use it for a short period.


It is also known as Lonamin or Adipex. It is ideal for weight loss. However, it is only recommended for a short period.

These are the 4 appetite suppressants you can use for weight loss. There are many other diet pills available in the market. You can consult a doctor before start taking these pills. You can also use natural appetite suppressants for weight loss.