Root canal is one kind of dental treatment that usually left a pain. Actually, pain after root canal is very normal because this is a major procedure. But, the pain usually very disturbing so you need to have a treatment. Here we will discuss about root canal and the pain left after this dental procedure.

What is Root Canal?

First of all, we need to know what root canal is. This is a major procedure to deep cleaning inside the canal. Canal is the inner chamber of the tooth’s root. This procedure can irritate nerves and gums around the teeth. That’s why people usually feel the pain after this procedure. 

Root canal is a procedure that used to avoid a great pain from a decaying or fractured tooth. It’s very normal to feel the pain after this procedure and this pain wouldn’t last for a long time. Some people often feel the pain during the procedure, but the dentist will give the best treatment so you just feel a little pain.

While cleaning the inner chamber, the dentist will open up the tooth’s crown. After that, the dentist will cleans out the diseased pulp inside the chamber. It doesn’t take a long time but you will feel the pain for a while.

Causes of Pain 

It’s totally normal for you to feel the pain after root canal procedure. The cause of the pain is only because your tooth has been opened up. It because the procedure not because other factor. So, if you ask the dentist why you feel the pain, the dentist will explain to you that it’s normal and will recover as soon as possible.


This pain can reduce immediately, but what if we feel so uncomfortable because of it? Pain after root canal can be reduce so you can do your activities as usual without bothered by the pain. Here are some treatments you can try at home to reduce the pain.

  1. Eat Something Smooth

Please avoid hard and crunchy food after you have a root canal procedure. It’s not good for your tooth and can make the pain going worse. You can eat something smooth for several days until it’s totally recovered. The point is don’t use your tooth to chew something hard.

  1. Stop Smoking

If you’re smoking, you can stop this habit for several days after root canal procedure. It will help you to recover as soon as possible. The dentist usually will ask if you smoke or not and advice you to stop smoking after this procedure.

  1. Brush Your Teeth

Please keep brush your teeth at least twice a day. But, be sure to be gentle while brushing your teeth. Take a special care while you brushing the tooth that got a root canal procedure.

  1. Avoid Something Hot and Cold

Please remember to eat or drink something with a normal temperature. It’s not good for you to eat something too hot and cold. It will make you feel the pain badly. You can eat the hot and cold food after there is no pain anymore. 

  1. Medications

The dentist usually will prescribe you some medications to reduce the pain. It will reduce the pain immediately after the procedure. But, please don’t get the medicine by yourself. You need to get a prescription from the dentist to make sure that the medicine is safe for you.

Antibiotic is a kind of medicine that will be given to you after this procedure. You have to finish this medicine because it prevents infection. After the root canal procedure, you have a high risk of infection. If there is infection happen, you need ro face a severe pain and this is not good for you. 

  1. Meditation

If the pain is really disturbing, you can try to meditate by yourself. Meditation is the best way to heal your pain. This way also give a healthy body and mind. You can also try to do yoga and tai chi at your home. It will release your pain after root canal because your mind and your heart are calm down during this activity.

The point of this treatment is to calm down your soul. It’s one kind of management pain that you can try at home easily. You don’t need to get other medicine but just calm down yourself. Meditation will help you release the pain and your recovery will be going fast. 

Emergency Signals (When to See a Doctor)

This pain after root canal is normal and will be gone. But, you need to know that sometime the condition is going worse. If it’s going worse, the best choice you can take is go to see your dentist. When the pain is going worse, you can tell yourself that it happen because of the procedure is failed. Here are the emergency signals and you need to see your dentist immediately.

  1. When you see the restoration begins to leak.
  2. When you have poor oral hygiene and the pain is going worst.
  3. When there is a vertical cracks in the tooth.
  4. The pain is not going better but you feel it bigger than before.
  5. The gum is swelling and you can see redness.
  6. The pain make you can’t eat well.

You need to know that root canal is not a dangerous procedure. It’s very safe as long as the dentist has a capability to do it. You have to get some facts about this procedure from your dentist. It’s fine to feel pain after the procedure but if it’s going worse until you can’t handle it anymore, go back to your dentist.

It’s not hard to deal with the pain after root canal procedure. As long as you keep your dental hygiene well, it will be fine. Don’t forget to follow the instructions from your dentist carefully, including eat the medicine regularly.