Sweetened condensed milk is a kind of milk that is known to have a high amount of sugar. Yes, it tastes sweet and multi functional as you can use it as a drink or an additional ingredient for your dessert. But this is how this type of milk becomes controversial. Yes, it is still so-called milk but generally, the sugar content is even higher than the milk itself. It depends on the producer for sure, but the sugar content of sweetened condensed milk is up to 45% of the total ingredients. You can compare it with the milk content itself that is commonly not more than 30%.

That’s why; sweetened condensed milk is considered not healthy for your health. Too much sugar consumption causes some health problems including diabetes and obesity. When the world has struggled with those problems, known to give high contributions to death, the presence of sweetened condensed milk is quite risky. Moreover, not all people know the fact of sugar content in the products well.

But if you want to still enjoy sweetened condensed milk without being worry about the sugar content, there is a solution. Yes, you can consume sugar-free sweetened condensed milk instead of the sugary one. Although the number is still limited, some producers have released this type of milk. Interestingly, you can also make it by yourself. To know more about sugar-free sweetened condensed milk, you can read the following explanations.

About Sugar-Free Sweetened Condensed Milk

Sugar-free sweetened condensed milk has a production process that is just the same as the sugary one. Meanwhile, sugar is the only ingredient that is not included. to make it sweet, other ingredients may include whether it is diet sugar or honey. For plain condensed milk, there is no sweetener to add at all.

In general, sweetened condensed milk still has some benefits for you. However, those benefits are overshadowed by the risk given by sugar. Meanwhile, with the sugar-free one, you can optimize the benefits of condensed milk without risking yourself with too much sugar consumption.

First of all, sure, it supports your nutrition intake. Sugar-free condensed milk is full of calcium. Besides, it also consists of various micro and macro nutrition needed by your body including carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals.

Second, do you know that condensed milk, in general, improves your sleep quality as well? it is actually even when you are consuming sugary condensed milk at night before your sleep. So, when you drink a glass of the sugar-free one, aside from improving sleep quality and avoiding insomnia, you can reduce the risk of diabetes as well. How can condensed milk help you in sleeping thing? It is because this type of milk has a high content of amino acid that is good to calm down the nerve functions.

Third, consuming milk is good for your skin also. Unfortunately, package milk has preservatives also so that this function seems to be reduced. That’s why; if you make condensed milk by yourself, you can maximize this function anyway. Yes, milk is good to increase the skin tone, firm your skin up, and even avoid problems like acne and dark spot. Sure, it is because milk has a high level of antioxidant that makes it work well for your skin and your body, in general.

Fourth, milk is good for diabetics but sugar is not. That’s why; homemade sugar-free sweetened condensed milk is an alternative for your diabetic diet.

How to Make Low Carb Sugar-Free Sweetened Condensed Milk

How to Make Sugar-Free Sweetened Condensed Milk

So, the process of making sugar-free sweetened condensed milk is as follows. Prepare ingredients;

  • 250 ml of boiled liquid milk,
  • sweeteners (150 ml of honey or 10 sachets of sugar diet),
  • 3 teaspoons of melted butter.

With those basic ingredients, you can actually have made delicious condensed milk. However, if you want the milk to be creamier with a better flavor, you can also add:

  • heavy cream
  • Vanilla powder.

Place all the ingredients in a bowl and mix it until the texture is really smooth. Then, keep it in a closed container and put it in the refrigerator. Since there is no additional preservative, you may only enjoy this homemade condensed milk for around 2-3 days. Therefore, once making it, the amount should not be too much.

The recipe mentioned above is to make condensed milk with the original taste. If you want it to taste differently with other flavors, you can also add whether it is a chocolate powder, strawberry juice, orange juice, and more. Make sure that all of those additional flavors are also sugar-free to support your diet program even more.

For vegetarians, it is possible also to replace dairy liquid milk with other types of milk whether it is almond milk, soy milk, or oat milk. To make it get creamier more easily, add around 3 teaspoons of cornstarch. The process is just the same.

Sugar-free sweetened condensed milk tends to be healthier than the sugary one for sure. Although half of the ingredients are still sweetener, the calories tend to be lower. It is also a solution for you who have sugar problems but still want to enjoy foods topped with sweet condensed milk.

Is condensed milk low-carb or keto?

If you are asking about condensed milk in stores in general, whether they are low carb or keto or not, unfortunately, the answer is no. The reason is clear enough. Almost all sweetened condensed milk products contain a high level of sugar. Sugar has many calories and it deals with carbohydrate, something to avoid by anyone who needs to do healthy diet programs.

There is actually a wrong perception of sweetened condensed milk generally sold in the store. Rather than being consumed as a healthy drink, this ingredient is initially functioned to improve flavors particularly desserts and snacks. For example, when you make pancakes, of course, it looks delicious and practical to pour condensed milk as the topper. It also improves tastes when making cakes, puddings, and more. In other words, this ingredient is basically not to consume solely.

But along with the high demands, people seem to love it as drink also. Sure, it is okay and not dangerous at all as long as you are not drinking it too much. Well, the case is just the same as when you are drinking coke or coffee. They are safe but too much consumption is not recommended. Moreover, condensed milk is indeed very easy and practical to make so that people just love it.

Okay, when conventional condensed milk is definitely not keto at all, the sugar-free sweetened condensed milk is a different story. With the main recipe mentioned above, the nutritional contents of the ingredient are as follow. The calories are around 149 with details 7.9 grams of fat, 7.7 grams of protein, 11,7 grams of carbohydrate, 276 milligrams of calcium, and around 8% of it is vitamin A.

Are those calories high? Yes, they are but it is okay and even good to fulfill the daily nutrition of kids and normal or healthy people. So, it is okay to consume a glass of sugar-free condensed milk per day without giving you side effects. Additionally, to make it into a glass of drink, you may need to add water that makes the number of calories is reduced as well. Sure, this good effect will not be found when you consume sugary condensed milk since the calories are increased very rapidly due to sugar.

However, sugar-free condensed milk may not be suggested for people with health problems like cholesterol. Although the sugar or carbohydrate level is very low here, the fat is still high. The effect is almost similar to when you consume pure milk. Those types of milk, when they are consumed too much, can cause an effect namely Low-Density Lipoprotein or the increase of bad cholesterol. Sure, as a solution, you need to consume low-fat or vegetarian milk.

Besides, you must also be aware of sweeteners you add in your self-made condensed milk. Honey, for example, although the calories are lower than sugar, it doesn’t mean that the ingredient is completely low. Per 100 grams of honey, the calories are up to 304. Compare it with per 100 grams sugar in which the calories, meaning that both are not significantly different. Indeed, honey has many other types of nutrition sugar doesn’t have. But in terms of calories, you should still pay attention to it.

Maybe, the next alternative of your sugar-free sweetened condensed milk is by using sweetener. In some cases, this ingredient is safer than others in terms of calories contained. But what to be aware also is that some people may have allergies. Some sweeteners may cause problems like sore throat and others. So, this is another important thing you should think about to make sure the homemade condensed milk is really healthy and safe for your family.


Sugar-free sweetened condensed milk is a good alternative for your family’s milk consumption. It is mainly for you who want to avoid consuming too much sugar for the sake of your health. This milk type can be made by yourself and the taste is still good. But pay attention also with other ingredients like liquid milk, sweeteners, and others that may still bring some bad effects to your health.