Having a slim body seems to be everyone’s dream in this world. Besides makes our body looks good in every occasion, it can also help some people to be a superstar. As you can see, many people choose to do an extreme diet as a part of their careers. People who are working in entertainment are asked to have a great body shape sometimes. The famous singer and actress from South Korea, IU claimed that she can lose weight up to 5 pounds in just one week. The diet that has been done by IU is also known as Kpop Diet. However, this could be a strange thing for some people, what is Kpop Diet?

What is K-Pop Diet?

Well, without any doubt, we all know that South Korea is popular for their high beauty standard, include people who are working in entertainment. Having an ideal wight is a must to be an idol. Therefore, to reach the ideal body, they sometimes have to do Kpop Diet. Kpop Diet is a method to lose weight by consuming a whole Korean traditional food and which is balanced with exercise. Interestingly, the exercise undertaken was also a K-Pop idol exercise style.

While running this kind of diet, you are recommended to consume more fruit, food, meat, fish, some seafood, and rice. Korean traditional food such as Kimchi, Buchimgae, Bibimbap, Japchae, and Kimbap are also included in K-Pop diet. As it posted on Healthy Line, if you are doing this correctly, K-Pop diet can be very useful for your health. However, there are some guideline that you have to follow when you choose to do this diet. What are they? Let’s take a look on the next section.

KPop Diet Plans – A Complete Guide

Not only does it need nutrition, K-Pop diet also focuses on exercise and some specific K-Pop workouts. So, how to follow K-Pop diet?

Here are the list you should know!

  • Limit calories consumption. Actually, K-Pop diet does not limit the calories you eat. However, you are recommended to rely on the Korean recipes, soups, and plenty of vegetables to cut calories.
  • Do exercise as your routine. Remember, K-pop diet is not only about the food, but also about exercise. This diet should be followed by exercise you are doing regularly. This is why K-pop workout are provided.
  • Consume less fat. Oily food and sauces is not recommended for you if you choose to take K-pop diet. One more thing, also limit your eating out activity.
  • Consume less sugar. It is better for you to replace soda with water, and the other sweet food with the healthy one, such as vegetables and fresh fruits.
  • Run away from snacks. This might be hard for them who cannot live without snack, however, for the purpose of K-Pop diet, you have to avoid snacks. It is considered as unnecessary food on this diet. Therefore, try to avoid this kind of food and get your dream body shape and weight.

Those are the plan guide you need to know before take the K-Pop diet or even when you are on diet. This diet requires you to eat fewer calories, exercise regularly, eat less fat, minimize added sugar, and avoid snack to lose weight and get healthy body.

As you can see, many popular people in South Korean have perfect weight according to their beauty standard. Even though they look skinny, they still look good in any occasion and always get the surroundings’ attention. There are two of artists in South Korea that have been confirmed doing K-Pop diet and get the great result. Who are they? Let’s check it out!

Jimin Diet

Kpop Jimin Diet

Jimin is not a stranger for K-pop lovers. He is a member of Bangtans Boys, or also known as BTS. His popularity is beyond everything. He got a perfect body shape and become one of the handsome man in Korea. Regarding to K-Pop diet, Jimin become one of many artist that did this kind of diet.

In 2016, Jimin told that he did k-Pop diet to get a perfect body as a Korean Idol. He obsessed to lose his weight, and it happened since he lost 6.8 pounds only in three months. When he became a guest star in JTBC “Please Take Care of Refrigerator’, he mentioned that he was doing an extreme diet to get an ideal body and become handsome man according to himself. Moreover, he was really excited with that and he realized if only eat once in 10 days.

IU Diet 

UI Diet

Move to another famous person in South Korea and maybe around the world, you can find that IU also doing this kind of diet. As she get great result of her diet, many people try to followed IU’s diet style.

IU does her diet every three days by consuming apple for breakfast, two sweet potatoes for lunch, and a glass of protein milk for dinner. As result, she lost 5 pounds only in one week and total calories that enter to her body is only 300 calories, while the needs of calories for adult woman is 1500-3000 calories in a day. However, she just does this when she is going to stage and for drama or movie need.

According to some experts, K-Pop diet is proven effective in losing weight because the person who is on diet only consume a small calories, about 300 calories. Yet, this kind of diet has many negative effects for metabolism because normally, adult needs 2.000 calories and 60 gram of protein.

K-Pop Trainee Diet

For your information, K-pop diet is not only done by the person who has been an artist or idol in South Korea, the trainee or the idol candidate is also required to do this kind of diet. The purpose of this is to have an ideal body, so the image of idol will be perfect.

Good looks are extremely important for Korean celebrities, they must follow some extreme diet plan to maintain a certain weight, especially when they are going to have a performance. Some companies even record the process of their trainee in losing weight, so they can see the differences before and after diet.

That is why you can easily find most female idols have underweight and they look skinny.

There are some diet plan taken by female idols, such as:

  • The banana diet or glamour diet
  • The paper cup diet
  • The one food diet
  • The watermelon diet
  • The lettuce diet
  • The cucumber diet
  • The Denmark diet
  • The 1.500 k-cal diet
  • The deadly diet
  • The lemon detox diet

If you do not like one of those lists, you can choose the other ways to do K-pop diet by following these K-Pop artist diet’s menu.

  • T.O.P. The member of famous boyband, Big Bang, or whose original name Choi Seung-hyun, choose to consuming red bean when ha wants to lose weight. Red bean has high calcium that can help you to take sodium from your body.
  • Heechul. The king of variety choose tofu when he was his diet and as result, he lose weight for 9 pounds in two weeks. Tofu has some benefits for your health since it has high protein and other nutrition that can make your stomach full.
  • Seolhyun (AOA). This female idol has diet menu consists of vegetables, fruits, and one or two bites of chicken breast. This kind of food has a high protein and low calories, so it can make your stomach full without being hungry.
  • Seohyun (SNSD). When she is on diet, Seohyun chooses to consume sweet potatoes. Besides of its delicious taste, sweet potatoes have some benefits for your health since it has low calories and rich of vitamin E.
  • Park Boram. This Korean soloist chooses tomato to lose weight quickly. This might be strange thing, but it works on her. Although only eat tomato sounds little bit extreme, tomato has many benefits for health and can help to clear your digest system.

The benefits of K-Pop diet cannot only be seen from K-pop only, as it published in Health Line, there are some benefits of K-Pop diet. Let’s take a look at these benefits.

  • Can improve your health. Since you have to avoid sugar and fat, mostly, you will consume vegetables, fruits, another form of healthy food. Vegetables and fruits can help your to prevent some serious disease such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.
  • Help reducing acne. Once you do this diet, it can help you to reduce acne from your skin.
  • Rich of nutrition and can be sustainable. K-pop diet emphasize on the long-term activity to change the way you consume food and do exercise.

However, if you have problem with your weight and want to do this kind of diet, it will be better to visit doctor before. Doctor can give recommendation for your diet plan, such as the food you should consume or vitamin. By doing this, you will get an ideal shape of your body and also healthy body.