Do you tend to feel anxious and harried every time Sunday evening rolls around? If so, you’ve got a case of the “Sunday scaries.” It’s that restlessness and sense of dread that you experience when you think about being underprepared for the week ahead. However, with these resources and the guides on LifeScr, you can create a weekend schedule that will allow you to say goodbye to the Sunday scaries for good!

Clean Up Your Environment

Getting your home in order on Sunday will help you start Monday on the right foot! 

  • Tidy up your bedroom so that you can find everything you need on Monday morning. 
  • If you have extra time, spend an hour or so deep cleaning your home to feel organized. 
  • Get your closet in order and choose your outfit for the next day. 
  • Finally, toss anything in your fridge that’s going bad and wipe down the shelves. 

Feeling Your Best

Do you find that your healthy habits tend to slip on Saturday? You can use Sunday to prioritize making the best choices for your body.

  • To avoid ordering takeout during the week, block off time on Sunday for meal prepping
  • Need ideas for meals to make? This guide to nutrition for weight loss can inspire you!
  • Choose some healthy snacks that you can take to the office for the workweek. 

Stay Calm and Beat Anxiety

Focusing on your mental health is the key to banishing the Sunday Scaries.

  • Meditating gives you time to breathe deeply and clear your mind.
  • If you want to listen to guided meditations, invest in a great pair of headphones!
  • Instead of scrolling on your phone, spend an hour reading to relax on Sunday night.
  • Finally, take the opportunity to create a schedule for everything you need to do this week — having a plan will make you feel confident about tackling your to-do list!

If you generally find yourself feeling stressed and frazzled on Sunday, it’s time to kick the Sunday scaries to the curb for good. Creating the right routines is crucial. With these tips, you can set yourself up for a productive week!

Want to focus on sticking to healthy habits this weekend? Check out the tips and resources on LifeScr! Send us a message through our contact page with your questions or comments. 
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