Consuming protein powder without sucralose is a good thing especially if you want to build your body. Besides building your body, it is important to consider the pros and cons of the ingredients in your protein powder. 

Talking about protein powder, there are several types of protein powder and produced by various brands. Having a closer look at each type of protein powder helps you determine which one will give the most optimal result. 

In this article, we will show you several different types of protein powder along with the best ones to choose from. We will also discuss sucralose and other artificial sweeteners commonly used in protein powder. It is important to know what you consume especially if you are a health-conscious person.

What is protein powder?

Protein powders are derived from various protein sources. Those come from plant or animal foods such as peas, rice, eggs, or dairy. Taking protein powder is essential for those who want to increase muscle gain and cut fat. Individuals who may struggle to take care of their minimum protein intake will benefit from this substance.

Types of protein powders

There are several different types of protein powders. Some of them can be touted as the best types among all. However, the result and side effects might differ from one to another.

Casein protein

Casein protein, as the name suggests, is a protein comes from milk. The body absorbed and digested this substance pretty slowly. When the protein interacts with stomach acid, it slows down the emptying process in the stomach. According to a study, an overweight person improved his body composition through resistance training while consuming casein protein.

Whey protein

Talking about protein powder without sucralose, we may want to take a look at some brands of whey protein. This protein is derived from milk. Even though it contains a high protein level, some people have difficulty digesting this substance. Whey protein is easy to digest by the body. It also boosts the productions of amino acids that promote strength and muscle mass. Taking this type of protein helps to cut fat and reduce appetite.

Pea protein

Vegetarians always choose this protein to meet their daily protein. Since it comes from yellow split pea, it can be consumed by those who have sensitivities or allergies towards eggs or dairy. According to studies, pea protein is digested and absorbed faster than casein but slower than whey protein. The result can be touted as effectively as whey protein.

Mixed plant protein

This protein type comes from a blend of several plant sources. The purpose to provide enough essential amino acids for the body. Usually, this protein powder comes from two or more plants such as quinoa, artichoke, flax seeds, chia seeds, alfalfa, hemp, pea, and brown rice. It contains high fiber content which makes the protein slowly digested by the body. Even though it promotes fullness for dieters, it is not as effective as animal-based protein powders for building muscles.

Ingredients to avoid to be in your protein powder

A quality protein drink gives you plenty of benefits. It promotes a healthier life, balanced nutrition, and a lot of other things. Keeping your skin glowing, lean, and ageless is also part of protein jobs. Protein regulates your appetite, metabolism, and muscle building. Thus, consuming protein powder without sucralose is important.

However, some brands of proteins out there may contain unnecessary ingredients. Those unnecessary ingredients are not necessarily harmful but won’t do you good as well. If you also have allergic reactions towards certain ingredients, it is important to always read the label before purchasing.


Casein protein may not be the best choice for you if you need a quickly-digested protein. Too much consumption of casein protein may lead to bloating, gastrointestinal distress, and flatulence. As long as you can handle it, caseinate protein powder is safe to consume.


Make sure the ingredients don’t include gluten in your protein powder. If you have sensitivity towards glute, it can ruin your metabolism. Also, it promotes inflammation and other health problems in some people.

Artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners might be another thing you want to consider. Even though the presence of artificial sweeteners is to add flavor and skip the spike in the blood sugar, you may not necessarily need this. The most common artificial sweeteners include saccharin, aspartame, NutraSweet, Splenda, sucralose, and equal. Those are considered safe by the authority but it may lead to some side effects such as acid reflux, bloating, and even weight gain!

Dextrin and maltodextrin

Another thing you may want to skip from your protein powder is dextrin or maltodextrin. It could increase the glycemic load and promote fat storage. GMO corn is the most common form that contains this ingredient, which can distress your gastrointestinal. This ingredient is added to protein powders to make it easier to mix.

Artificial sweeteners and the side effects

There are plenty of artificial sweeteners found in various packed foods and drinks. While some of them are considered safe, some side effects may come along for long-term use. Talking about protein powders, sucralose is one of the most common artificial sweeteners used. 

Since protein powders are supposed to boost your athletic needs, sucralose is used for reducing calories, giving taste, and preventing blood sugar spikes. Splenda is the most common type of sucralose used in protein powders. Even though it contains zero-calorie, some side effects tend to get overlooked until today.

About sucralose

Sucralose, generally speaking, is derived from sugar with chlorine content in it. It takes multiple steps to make sucralose. Sucralose is readily soluble in water, methanol, and ethanol. Compared to saccharin and aspartame, sucralose is the most soluble artificial sweetener. Thus, this sugar substitute is used in various water- and fat-based products as well as alcoholic beverages.

As we have mentioned earlier, the most common sucralose-based sweetener used for protein powders is Splenda. Some facts about this artificial sweetener must be read out loud so you know how damaging this substance for your internal organs.

Fun facts about Splenda

Protein powder is essentially bitter. It needs sweeteners to cut the bitterness and give flavor in it. Splenda as an artificial sweetener tastes at least 300 times sweeter than natural sugar. It makes Splenda popular among other artificial sweeteners out there. However, Splenda may give you some shocking news you’ve never heard before.

It is a synthetic sugar yet the body doesn’t recognize this type of sugar. Splenda contains 5 percent of sucralose while the rest may include maltodextrins for filler and corn-based dextrose. If you find products marketed with “zero-calorie”, those commonly use Splenda for the sweetener.

Side effects of sucralose


Even though it contains zero calories, sucralose could trigger type 2 diabetes. It is not good for diabetes in every way not to mention other damaging effects that may harm your health. In case you want to drink zero-calorie beverages, make sure you’ve read the label thoroughly.

Irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease

Sucralose, according to a study, triggers more unpleasant effects on gut bacteria compared to other types of artificial sweeteners. It promotes inflammatory bowel disease if consumed regularly. Other than that, it also doubles the risk of Chron’s disease as well as other inflammatory conditions. It causes bloating and ruin your digestive system.

Toxic compounds when heated

Sucralose can generate a potentially toxic compound when heated at high temperatures. This product is marketed safely for baking and cooking. However, evidence and research showed that it underwent thermal degradation, pH increase, and reduced stability when heated. It is better to avoid sucralose in your life. If you are a healthy-conscious person who drinks protein beverages before or after the workout, make sure you only consume protein powder without sucralose.

The Best Protein Powder without Sucralose

Healthiest Protein Powder without Sucralose

#1 MRM – All Natural Whey Protein Powder

The first we have on the list is MRM. This one contains no artificial sweetener and comes with a balanced formula. According to the company, this product is easy to absorb, digest, utilize, and excellent in retention. 

Other than that, it provides a bunch of both essential and non-essential amino acids. For those who are vegan and gluten-sensitive, this product is organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO. The quality has been verified by a third party. 

Even though it’s primarily designed for athletes and those who enthuse in building muscles, it also is great for kids, teens, and elders. Feel free to mix MRM with smoothies or even pancakes.


It contains a bunch of nutrition and quality of amino acids. Everyone can consume it even though they are in a ketogenic diet. It provides probiotic and doesn’t contain antibiotics or added hormone.


Some lactose-intolerant people may not be able to consume this protein powder. Also, it leaves a bitter after taste when mixed with other drinks.

#2 MET-RX Natural Whey Protein Powder

MET-RX is a premium quality protein powder without sucralose you can find on the market. This product delivers the protein quickly and being the best partner to achieve your fitness goals. The process includes a specialized filtration to cut back carbs, lactose, saturated fat, and cholesterol. 

On the other hand, it focuses on the natural proteins to provides only quality nutrition. Since this protein powder is designed for athletes, drinking this protein powder before or after exercise is recommended. Feel free to vary the recipes as you like.


This product delivers a high amount of both essential and non-essential amino acids. It also is manufactured through a series of special stages to produce high-quality protein only.


The ingredients include soy lecithin which may not be favored by some people. Other than that, it contains growth hormones, which could be good for building muscles but lead to negative side effects for long-term use.

#3 Orgain Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder

In case you are looking for a plant-based protein powder to meet your daily protein intake, Orgain may provide it for you. It contains no sucralose and is made of chia seeds, brown rice, and pea. 

Vegans, lactose intolerant, gluten-sensitive, and anyone who is dieting on carbs would love this product so much. It contains no artificial ingredient which boosts only goodness to the body. You are kosher? You can take this protein powder too! 

Even though it comes from several plant-based protein sources, the powder is easy to mix with milk or water. You can use Orgain Protein Powder in your healthy snack’s ingredients too. Whether you are building muscles or regulating your body weight, this protein powder is an excellent choice.


As we have mentioned earlier, this product contains a protein that comes from organic plants. It is a good choice for you who look for protein from clean sources. It doesn’t contain artificial ingredients at all – not even artificial sweeteners.


Some people reported that it tasted weird. Also, it may not meet your athletic needs especially if you need protein that is quickly absorbed to recover after a workout.

#4 Opportuniteas Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder Isolate

Looking for unflavored whey protein? This product is pure and unflavored. You don’t need to worry about added sweeteners, colors, or preservatives at all. This product contains no hormone, gluten, or GMO, which is arguably safe for anyone.

Since Opportuniteas is a cold-processed product, it provides a tastier flavor and better texture than other whey proteins. Other than that, you can make various superfoods from this whey protein isolate. Its unflavored taste makes this whey protein suitable to mix with various recipes.


This product contains no sweetener and artificial ingredients at all. It has no flavor so it can be mixed with various recipes. To match many people’s needs, the lactose has been mostly removed during the making process. There is a 100% money-back guarantee.


You may not like this product if you love flavors. It can be too bland though. Other than that, some reports said that the powder won’t mix well in hot water.

#5 Pure Label Nutrition Whey Protein

This is another unflavored whey protein. If you are looking for a protein powder without sucralose then this one should be on your list too. The ingredient is only one: grass-fed whey protein. You don’t need to worry about gluten, added hormones, color, flavor, filler, dye, or added sugar. 

Many people love this whey protein powder because of how easy the powder mixed into a beverage. You are in a keto diet? Don’t worry because this will help you to stick to your diet as well. Elders can also consume this whey protein to maintain their connective tissue and bones.


This product is easy to mix into various recipes. Since it is flavorless, you don’t need to worry that it will ruin your meal’s taste. No chalky residue or bitter aftertaste found. You can use it for kids too. For your peaceful state of mind, this product comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.


However, the taste was a bit inconsistent according to a few people. Other than that, some people found the texture was a bit weird. Still, it depends on your preference.

#6 Levels 2LB Chocolate Mocha Grass-Fed Whey Protein

If you are on a ketogenic or paleo diet yet need additional protein intake, this product will do that for you safely. It contains neither harmful chemical substances nor additives. Its chocolate mocha taste is natural without any artificial sweetener, good for you who need protein powder without sucralose. 

Its taste comes from decaffeinated coffee powder and cold-pressed cocoa mixed with a dashing amount of monk fruit extract. Even though it comes with a specific taste, feel free to add it to some pancake recipes, morning coffee, or vanilla smoothies.


No synthetic ingredients are added. It tastes nice and tasty while packed with a bunch of quality amino acids and protein. You can prepare anything easily with this protein powder.


Since it comes with a specific taste, you cannot add it to just any recipe, unless you don’t mind. It only has a chocolate mocha flavor. Still, it could be a good breakthrough for those who are tired of unflavored protein powder.


Taking protein drinks before or after a workout is a good way to build your muscle or simply meet your protein daily need. However, you need to be aware of some ingredients that may be used in protein powders – especially artificial ones.

Some manufacturers add artificial sweeteners to give flavor and boost the appeal of their products. Today, there are a bunch of tasty protein powders that contain no artificial sweeteners. It is better to choose the natural one that is free of artificial sweeteners.

Sucralose is one of the most common artificial sweeteners used in protein powders. While it cuts the bitterness of protein in general, it may arise some harmful side effects. Sucralose-based sweetener is also used in various products marketed as diet beverages and foods.Since you want to build your muscle and improve your overall health, make sure you only consume protein powder without sucralose.