It is not only women obsessed with her appearance, but men also care about his face looking older. The men have no the same access for the anti-aging products so that they must be careful in rejuvenating their skin. The women seem to be easy to handle wrinkles and skin aging but men have few choices. Though a biological process on men is slower than women, the habit and men’s diets are accelerating the aging process of the men. To make men look younger, these are some ways on how to look younger men.

Guide for Men to Look Younger

 Treating Your Face 

When you see a man looking young or not, the first consideration is about the skin, especially a face part. Thus, men need to treat their face by using cleanser and skin moisturizer every day. Furthermore, it is good to limit the exposure of direct sunrise longer and apply sunscreen because too much ultraviolet exposure can cause wrinkles. You can adjust the treatment products with your face skin type. 

Consuming Balanced Nutritional Foods 

The next way to make men look younger is consuming balanced nutritional foods. It is recommended to consume complete nutritional foods such as vegetables, fruits, chicken, meat, eggs, fish, and combined with carbohydrates with rice or potato in a balanced portion in which it is helpful to make you stay healthy and fit. Consuming foods with rich antioxidants can help you to slow the anti-aging. You can consume green tea, chocolate, and cacao without extra ingredients. You can eat broccoli, avocado, and tomato to make your skin look youthful. Besides that, you should drink 6 to 8 glasses per day in which it can increase body metabolism and help your skin stay moist and bright so that you look healthier and younger. 

Junk food becomes the most favorite food among people. It is tasty and quick-serving. When you eat more junk food, it will increase the inhaled pollution into your body. It adds a long list of pollution into your body. Meanwhile, pollution will disturb the working process of a system of body cells. To neutralize, you need to consume nutritional foods in anticipation to neutralize that pollution. 

Stopping a Smoking Habit and Drinking Alcohol 

Smoking can accelerate a skin aging process because the nicotine in a cigarette can cause blockage of the blood vessel in the outside layer of the skin. It is causing the blood circulation to the skin to be hampered so that the skin can’t get oxygen and sufficient nutrition. It is similar to smoking in which alcohol can make your skin dehydrated, dry, and look older quickly. Besides, alcohol can cause the body to release much stress hormones and it is accelerating an aging process. Thus, it is essential to stop a smoking habit and consuming alcohol to make your skin look younger. Though you stop smoking and consuming alcohol, it doesn’t remove the old wrinkles but it prevents new wrinkling processes on your face. 

Scheduling Sleeping Time 

Sleeping is very important in keeping your health and appearance. Managing sleeping time can be a way on how to look younger men. Men generally require 6-8 hours of sleeping time per night. Lack of sleeping time can cause black spots under the eyes making you look older. Sleeping also can restore your energy and stamina. It is very healthy to recover your body so that you look fresh and fit to face upcoming days. 

When you are 40 years old, it will be a productive age of a human cycle. Many activities must be conducted, especially working. Mobility of the current period tends to be very hectic in which you even require time 26 hours per day. It needs to know that sleeping or taking a rest is very important. You will require 6 hours of sleeping time at night with good quality. It means that you don’t need to sleep late at night , making you wake up late as well. Waking up in the morning must be conducted because it gives positive energy for a whole day. Don’t forget to clean your face with a night cream before sleeping. You should sleep with the limit of the lights because the formation of new skin cells will work optimally on the limited light condition. 

Doing Exercises Regularly 

Physical activities amid your business, of course, are very important. It will be more essential to help an acceleration process of body metabolism in handling every assumption that you will eat. By doing exercises regularly, your body will be trained to stay active and surely remove the toxic in the body through sweat. It will make men look stronger, healthier, and younger when they reach their 40s age. The healthy body is making a positive appearance of the men so that it is automatically affecting well to the aura of your face. 

Being Positive Thinking 

After refreshing your brain and recharging it with positive things, don’t forget to keep it by thinking positively always. Thinking negatively is possible in a position to anticipate all worries but it can’t be continued. It is allowed at a particular time or urgent time. Positive thinking looks simple but it gives huge effects to men. It is caused by things that tend to be spoken in which it is a prayer. You must talk positively to bring a positive effect on you. 

Having Me Time 

Though you are men, you still have my time. It is the right time for relaxing your mind and body when you are very busy with your activities in the office or at home. If you are careful, there will be many occasions of me-time that you can mind your business. You sometimes can go to a beach or a silent place to refresh and relax your mind. You just sit there for hours and then talk to nature about your problems. After that, you go home and continue your life. You can also treat your body by spa or massage. It makes you relaxed and becomes a way on how to look younger men.