One of the menus that are never separated from Mexican dishes is Guacamole. Guacamole is known as a light green Mexican sauce. The taste is savory and sour with a strong garlic aroma. Well, just imagine eating nachos or grilled meat with it. They must be very tasty and fresh.

Guacamole has avocado as the main ingredient. So, the avocado meat is chopped with salt and lime water. Yes, it is the basic recipe for guacamole. But there are also so many modifications to make it taste better. For example, people may add other ingredients like tomatoes and onions. Even some others add jalapeno to make it taste hotter and spicier.

As information, Guacamole is not a new dish. It has been known since the Aztec era in the 16th century. Although it is originally coming from Mexico, it is also popular in many other countries like the US, Spain, the UK, Italy, and more. Even now, along with the popularity of Mexican foods all around the world, you can also easily find this unique sauce in restaurants in Asia. Not only is it for nachos, but also Guacamole is very good to combine with various local foods anyway.

Okay, people may know well how delicious Guacamole is. But is it healthy enough? How are the nutrition contents? Can use eat it within your diet programs? to answer all the questions, you can continue reading.

Guacamole Nutrition

Talking about Guacamole, it means you must mention its main ingredient, avocado. Is an avocado nutritious and healthy enough? The answer is yes, for sure. It contains all types of nutrition needed by your body like protein, healthy fat, carotenoid, lutein, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidant, sodium, and healthy cholesterol. This fruit is recommended to fulfill your fat intake when you are in diet programs.

Meanwhile, to make Guacamole tastier, you also need additional things like salt and lime water. Salt is okay as long as it is not added too much since it will be risky for hypertension patients. Besides, it contains minerals needed by your body like calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, and sodium.

You also need lime water and even tomatoes in this sauce. Both fruits are well-known for their high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants. So, generally, they are very good for your health and diet programs. in case you need to add garlic and onions, those spices are full of antioxidant also.

It can be concluded that generally, guacamole is healthy enough. The combination is just good anyway. As long as you don’t eat it too much, it seems that there is no problem will be caused by this Mexican sauce.

Maybe, the main problem is not the guacamole itself but dishes that are eaten together with this sauce. As you know that guacamole is the only sauce to add delicacy to dishes like meat and nachos. So, they are the main problems. The more guacamole, the more delicious your meat it will be. The more pieces of meat you eat, there are also more carbohydrates and bad cholesterol to consume.

Carbs in Guacamole

Although guacamole is healthy, it doesn’t mean that this sauce doesn’t have carbohydrates at all. As information, although carbohydrate may be an enemy of your diet program, you still need it as a source of energy. Make sure to have it every day.

Additionally, in a cup serving of guacamole, there are only 24 grams of carbohydrate, meaning that it is still very safe. Moreover, 16 grams of the carbohydrate comes from fiber. That’s why; it is very good for keto dieters or anyone of you who just want to lose weight.

While calculating the number of calories, one cup serving contains around 340 calories. The number is quite high but at the same time, those numbers are mostly high nutrients. It is different from calories you get from other foods like cakes or coke. A piece of cake may have the same number of the calories but they are empty, meaning there is no nutrient at all.

Is guacamole healthy?

Guacamole Nutrition

The answer is yes, it is very healthy foods. It is just similar to consuming avocado although some nutrients may have been damaged due to the chopping process. You can still get the benefits of the content. For example, there is the HDL cholesterol to protect your cells from damages given by free radicals. Besides, there is a high amount of vitamin A from carotenoid to increase the immune system and reproduction functions.

Of course, there are still many other benefits from guacamole by remembering it has things like lemon water and onions although the amount may be limited. But the main problem is, guacamole is often consumed with foods with high levels of carbohydrates and unhealthy fat.

Per 100 grams of nachos with cheese, for example, the calories are 306 and it is mostly empty without additional nutrients. Meanwhile, per 100 grams of grilled beef are also around 350 with 15% of fat in it. So, no matter how healthy guacamole is, as long as the food you eat with it is not healthy, it just overshadows the sauce’s benefits. Moreover, you must eat nachos and meat more than the sauce itself.

Benefits of Guacamole

Eating guacamole only gives you some health benefits. Therefore, it is recommended to have it more in your dishes to make your daily consumption nutritious. With all micro and macro-nutrients contained guacamole that is mainly made from the avocado helps you to improve your body’s system as follows.

First, it reduces the cholesterol level. Yes, it is quite surprising since avocado itself contains cholesterol. But the cholesterol in avocado tends to be good for your health. Meanwhile, vitamins and minerals contained help to reduce bad cholesterol and it has a low level of saturated fat.

Second, the level of potassium is very high, even higher than bananas. With enough potassium, it is good to control blood pressure that becomes the main risk factor of heart attack, stroke, and renal failure. Besides, most fat in avocado is oleic acid that is proven to reduce inflammation and it is beneficial to decrease the risk factor of cancers.

Third, avocado along with lime water is popular for its antioxidant content as well as it has a high level of fiber. It brings a big contribution in weight loss, avoiding the increase of sugar blood, and still many more. So, are you interested to have more guacamole for your dishes?