You will find a plenty of ways of using essential oils. You could add a drop into a warm, relaxing bath. You can also apply it diluted on pulse point throughout your body. Nevertheless, the ideal way to utilize essential oil is through a diffuser. 

Unlike the majority of methods, it offers you and your loved ones, a plenty of benefits of essential oils humidifier work to boost and keep the humidity levels inside your home. The working principle is these two home appliances are very much different.

In this post, allow us to enlighten you about everything you need to know about humidifier essential oils. Are you now ready? Without further ado, let’s get started! 

What are Essential Oils? 

Essential oil is a plant product. Throughout the decades, they have improved lives, presenting a wide array of health benefits from dietary and cosmetic uses to religious and spiritual purposes. These oils are extracted through thorough steam distillation, resin tapping, and cold pressing. You see, it’s the purest essential oils that are far more powerful than the botanicals which they derived.

You surely hold the pure essence of nature every time you hold a bottle of these essential oils. 

Health Benefits of Essential Oils 

Below are some of the awesome health benefits you’ll experience with essential oils

  • Polish your beauty routine 

You can get rid of the harsh ingredients from your skincare products and allow beauty to shine through. You will surely fall in love with the broad spectrum of essential oils, which help keep your skin looking vibrant, increase moisture, and offer you that young-looking glow.

  • Purify your house

Adverse chemical formulas are not just a choice when we talk about cleaning your home. You can also enjoy peace of mind if you handle your laundry, wash sticky hands, and polish your countertops with the efficient cleaning power of essential oils. 

  • Improve your physical wellness 

Modern lifestyles do not just make optimal conditions for wellness. An overabundance of environmental toxins, lack of exercise, and poor diet could leave the body unbalanced. It could also lessen your energy levels.

Essential oils can offer the targeted solutions you need to keep balance and feel your best from supplemental support to weight management. 

  • Support a positive emotional state 

Do you always cherish the way the scent from a fresh lemon peel brightens your whole day? Every complicated scent and unique fragrance of essential oil activates memories and emotions. That could help you in your hunt for a more balanced and fulfilling life. 

Diffuser vs. Humidifier: Which is better for Diffusing Essential Oils? 

Should you get a diffuser or humidifier when diffusing essential oils? What is the difference between these two devices? 

Keep in mind that the difference is that diffusers are created to be utilized with essential oils. On the other hand, humidifiers are bigger devices created to control the moisture level in the air. Are you now thinking about whether to buy a humidifier or diffuser? Then remember that using essential oils with a humidifier isn’t suggested. 

What is Diffuser? 

A diffuser comes in a wide array of sizes, shapes, and types. They are utilized for diffusing essential oils into the air for aromatherapy applicants. Don’t complicate a humidifier with an essential oil diffuser. Remember that diffusers are different from humidifiers. These are intended to take drops of oils, combine it with water in the tanks, and distribute it. 

These devices are made for evaporating a fine mist using the essential oils. That is done with a cold effect to aromatize the room area. 


  • Come with special lighting features like color-changing LED light
  • The cool mist helps you breath better and lessen snoring
  • Lessen the amount of fungus and bacteria in a room 
  • The cool mist have a purifying effect on the air around the diffuser
  • Work well for improving the mood in a room 


  • The aroma must be utilized with a distilled water only
  • It has a smaller water tank 
  • It can be a bit expensive 

What is a Humidifier? 

On the other hand, a humidifier is a device created to keep a set level of moisture within the room. Did you know that moisturizing the air in a room is required in dry climates? Dry air could trigger problems with viral and bacterial concerns, issues with dry skin, and make it tougher for individuals to fall asleep. The majority of individuals utilize this device for treating sinus congestion, symptoms of flu, and cold. 

Take note that humidifiers are very much different from essential oil differs. Many humidifiers are available in the market feature plastic components. That makes them not compatible with essential oils. The oils could break down the plastic parts of that device. 

Some humidifiers are made to work as a diffuser and humidifier. However, we still suggest picking a small diffuser, which is ideal for use with essential oils, particularly if you want to distribute essential oils in the air.


  • It needs less cleaning and maintenance
  • The right moisture level keeps wood furnishing from cracking
  • Offers relief for people suffering from allergies and asthma
  • It benefits the lining of the nose with the added moisture. It relieves dry skin, dry cough, sore throat and sinus issues
  • Cures dry air by adding moisture 


  • Could be noisy
  • Not intended to be utilized with essential oils. It could be damaged when used together
  • Maintenance and cleaning is needed to keep the device working smoothly 

Which One is Better for Diffusing Essential Oils? 

You will find a few types of humidifiers to choose from. It includes an ultrasonic, steam, impeller, and evaporative humidifiers. What those humidifiers have in common is that they work to humidify the air within your home. 

Meanwhile, diffusers work to distribute essential oils into the air for simple absorption by the bodies. It has four types: nebulizer, evaporative, heat, and ultrasonic. 

However, it’s not good to use essential oils in a humidifier. Why? Keep in mind that humidifiers aren’t created to deal with essential oils. Here are some reasons why you must not put essential oils in a humidifier: 

  • Essential oils have corrosive properties. Adding them to a humidifier can clog your device, leading it to slow down and becoming inefficient with time. The water tank of the humidifier might crack or break because of clogging. 
  • The characteristics and quality of essential oils in humidifiers that work through heat are lessened, making them less effective. Nonetheless, that could be noticed when using heat diffusers as well. 
  • Essential oils are corrosive. You do not just risk damaging it by adding it to a humidifier. You also risk voiding the warranty of the device. 

Still, Like to Use Essential Oils in Humidifier? 

If you still want to utilize humidifier essential oils in spite of the drawbacks, here are some things you need to take into consideration: 

  • Clean the humidifier and turn it off after a short interval 

You must clean the humidifier regularly to prevent oil clog. Doing so will stop it from any damage. On top of that, several humidifiers don’t shut off after a particular time. Hence, you should turn it off after shorter breaks to keep it from burning and the oil from overflowing through the device.

  • Don’t pour too much oil in a container

A leftover of anything is dangerous in one way or the other. That’s why we don’t suggest using too many essential oils in your humidifier. Overflow might trigger damage to the device. Hence, keep changing the level of essential oils regularly. 

  • Utilize cool mist humidifier 

In case you didn’t know yet, a cool-mist humidifier is a kind of humidifier, which holds standing water. It utilizes an internal wick filter to absorb water while a fan blows the air through the filter at the same time. The stated process causes the water to disperse through the room.

Hence, those cool mist humidifiers could be utilized to place essential oils for improved results. 

Which Essential Oils Can Be Utilized in a Humidifier? 

Often, humidifiers require other wicks and filters to boost their efficacy. Are you now planning to utilize humidifiers to evaporate essential oils? If yes, just take note that you must utilize a cool-mist humidifier instead of using a warm mist humidifier.

You will also find other essential oils, which can be best utilized in a humidifier. This includes:

  • rose oil
  • lemon oil
  • tea tree oil
  • eucalyptus oil 
  • peppermint oil
  • sandalwood oil 
  • lavender oil 

Bottom Line 

To sum up, employing essential oils in a humidifier isn’t recommended. Diffusers are the perfect fit for essential oils and will guarantee you reap the advantages of the oils. You could either get a humidifier and a diffuser or a diffuser-humidifier mix to diffuse and humidify at the same time! 

There you have it! We hope we have provided you the things you need to know about humidifier essential oils. What are your thoughts on utilizing essential oils in a humidifier? Feel free to share your ideas by leaving your comments below!