With more than 300 branches spread across the US, Blaze Pizza is now one of the largest made-to-order pizza chains in the country. Compared to other pizza restaurants out there, Blaze Pizza provides diners with relatively healthier menu options. Not only that but the restaurant doesn’t only come with a wide range of pizza menu selections but it also encourages consumers to make their own pizza creations. This unique marketing strategy makes Blaze Pizza one of the leading restaurants in the US pizza arena.

How Do You Know that You Create Healthy Pizza?

Blaze Pizza claims that all foods offered are free from artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. Widely known for its quick-serve pizza, this restaurant provides vegan and gluten-free crusts for the consumers to enjoy. However, due to its highly customizable menus offered, you need to know Blaze Pizza nutrition facts to ensure that you order healthy pizza. Improper combination of food options that you choose for your own pizza creation might make it less healthy to consume. Instead of creamy and cheesy pizzas, you can order the ones loaded with veggies to boost nutrition and fibers.

Not only that but you also need to consider the portions of food you order. You need to know that depending on the variety, one slice of pizza might contain 130 calories roughly. Also, ordering without considering the portions and nutrition’s of the food will lead you to end up consuming high sodium (about 1500 mg) and overeating carbohydrates. So, how to know that you order a healthy pizza menu? Well, worry no more.

There are useful tools such as an online nutrition calculator and allergen identification tool. They will make it possible for you to have a quick look at the amount of nutrition. In this way, you can still enjoy tasty pizza at Blaze Pizza without sacrificing the healthy eating plan you are supposed to follow. 

Blaze Pizza Menus – a Quick Look

The menus offered in Blaze Pizza include 11-inch pizzas and some others with larger sizes. There are also crust options that are available in various options including a thicker high-rise crust, original thin crust, a gluten-free cauliflower crust, and more. The restaurant also recently launched a low-carb ketogenic diet carb to accommodate those who are following a keto diet plan.

This crust option replaces flour with flaxseeds, cheese, and eggs. The launching of the inspired-keto diet crust is a part of the “Life Mode” pizza line of Blaze Pizza that includes vegetarian pizza and protein pizza. There is also a selection of entrees that consists of a few desserts and side salads. But, considering the content of the menus that are high in calories and sodium, make sure that you stay clear from extra cheese, processed meat toppings, creamy sauces, and high fats when ordering pizzas from Blaze Pizza. 

Blaze Pizza Nutrition Facts

Most and Least Nutritious Options

To help you understand the Blaze Pizza nutritious facts, you need to know both the most and least nutritious options available in the restaurant. This will help you to easily decide which menu to order. Here are the lists.

Most Nutritious Options

  • S’more Pie – Dessert
  • Arugula and Fresh Fruits Salad
  • The Red Vine Pizza – Signature Pizza
  • Keto Crust with Basil, Ricotta, Red Sauce, Chopped Garlic, Cherry Tomatoes, Spinach Pizza, and Mushrooms – BYO Pizzas
  • Pear Cucumber Agua Fresca or Plain Water – Drinks

Least Nutritious Options

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie with Sea Salt – Dessert
  • Buffalo Blue Salad
  • The Meat Eater Pizza – Signature Pizza
  • Pesto Drizzle Pizza with Garlic Pesto Sauce, Gorgonzola, Smoked Ham, Applewood Bacon, Shredded Mozzarella, and High-Rise Dough – BYO Pizza
  • Sodas or Lemonade – Drinks

Signature Pizza of Blaze’s

The signature pizzas of Blaze Pizza come with various options available for you to choose for. They feature combinations of suggested toppings on a thin original dough. Most of the time, these signature pizzas are made with meat toppings and vegetarian options. When ordering signature pizza options from Blaze Pizza, you need to keep in mind that the simplest options are often the healthiest.

If you want to enjoy the delicious pizza menus at the restaurant without worrying about the nutrition, you need to order the simple options. These can be signature pizzas with red sauce and vegetable toppings with simple servings.

Make sure that you avoid ordering additional options like finishing sauce that often comes with high calories and sodium. But, you need to remember that these options are customizable. It means that you can still swap some risky options and modify them to be healthier. To minimize the sodium intake, be sure to limit the additional toppings to keep the portion balance. 

  • Red Vine Pizza

This is the most nutritious option of Blaze’s signature pizza. Each slice of the 11-inch Red Vine Pizza comes with 110 calories. This signature pizza option also consists of 200mg sodium (8$ DV), 1.5g saturated fat, 5g protein, 3.5g fat (5% DV), and 15g carbohydrate (5% DV). Compared to other signature pizza options in Blaze Pizza restaurant, the Red Vine Pizza is much lower in calories. Not only that but this pizza option also comes with the lowest saturated fat and sodium. 

  • The Meat Eater Pizza

Opposite to the Red Vine Pizza, the Meat Eater is the least in nutrition in the signature pizza group. This pizza option comes with high-rise dough that has 190 calories. It also consists of 420mg sodium (18% DV), 22g carbohydrate (7% DV), 7gfat (11% DV), 8g protein, and 3g saturated fat (15% DV) in every slice of pie with 11 inches of size. If you don’t want to skip this menu from your order while trying to stay healthy, you can modify it by picking up keto crust or original-thin crust. Make sure to pick up only one type of meat (i.e. pepperoni or meatballs) to minimize the sodium and calorie intake.

BYO Pizzas

Speaking about BYO or Build Your Own pizzas, they really need your creativity. This option will make it possible for you to make your own pizza creation. Here, you can combine the desired crust, sauce, and various topping options like cheese, finishes, veggies, and meat. It is a fun option but also tricky at the same time. You will end up with high sodium, calories, sugar, and carbohydrate intakes if you do not calculate both the nutrition and portions of the pizza. 

  • Most Nutritious BYO

Blaze Pizza nutrition facts show that the most nutritious BYO pizza available in the restaurant are those with the original crust. Some other ingredients often used in the BYO pizzas include cauliflower or keto dough, fresh vegetables, one kind of cheese, and tomato-based red sauce. To create a nutritious and healthy pizza of your own, you can try the combination of keto crust served with cherry tomatoes, chopped garlic, ricotta, red sauce, spinach, basil, and mushroom.

  • Least Nutritious BYO

Most of the time, BYO pizza options with the least nutrition are those made of high-rise dough. It is usually combined with two or more kinds of cheese, no vegetables, two or more kinds of meat, a high-calorie finishing sauce, and garlic pesto sauce. One example of a BYO pizza combination that you have to avoid is high-rise dough served with shredded mozzarella, smoked ham, applewood bacon, pesto drizzles, garlic pesto sauce, and gorgonzola. This pizza combination is high in saturated fat, sodium, and carbohydrate in every slice.

Salads and Sides of Bazzle Pizza

For the entree and side menus, Bazzle Pizza also provides a wide range of selection that you can choose from. Depending on the season, some of the salad options can be ordered all year round while the other is only available occasionally. There are also dough knots in different portions that you can order in this menu selection. However, make sure that you do not include these options in your order if you want to balance the intake of calories, sodium, and carbs in your menu. 

  • Arugula and Fresh Fruit Salad

This is a good entree option of Bazzle Pizza you can order to provide you with balanced nutrition. Being served with dressing, this healthy Arugula and Fresh Fruit Salad will provide you with relatively low fat, carbohydrate, sodium, and saturated fat.

  • The Buffalo Blue Salad

Not all salads are healthy and have balanced nutrition. This Buffalo Blue Salad is just one true example. Ordering this salad along with the dressing will provide you with 1620mg sodium or 67% DV. Not only high in sodium but the calories contained in the menu also reach 330 while the carbohydrate is about 12g.

However, this Buffalo Blue Salad is not all bad options to take. It also comes with a side salad that seems healthier though the sodium contained is still above the recommended level. The side salad is made of a combination of gorgonzola cheese, banana peppers, ranch dressing, and buffalo sauce. All of these ingredients are known to have high sodium. If you still want to enjoy this delicious Buffalo Blue Salad, you can one or two of the toppings. This will allow you to cut off the sodium contained in the salad, making a healthier option to choose for.

Desserts of Blaze Pizza

A delicious and sweet dessert will be great to complete your pizza order at Blaze Pizza. However, some dessert options might add calorie, carbohydrate, and sodium intake to your body. So, be careful about what you pick.

  • The S’more Pie

This pie is a relatively healthier menu compared to dessert options available in Bazzle Pizza. S’more Pie comes with 200 calories, 160mg sodium, and 28g carbohydrate.

  • The Chocolate Cookie with Sea Salt

Unlike the S’more Pie, this Chocolate Cookie with Sea Salt menu is less healthy. It is even the least nutritious dessert you can find in the restaurant. It is higher in calories, about 340 if compared to the S’more Pie. Not only that but this dessert menu also contains 700mg sodium, 10g saturated fat, 16g fat, and 45g carbohydrate. Additionally, the sea salt ingredient contained even makes this chocolate cookie high in sodium.

Drinks at Blaze Pizza

As for the Blaze Pizza nutrition facts, there are many things that you should put into consideration. You will find a lot of beverage options made of various ingredients. Either it is fresh fruit or soda, you can find them all in the restaurant. Are all of them nutritious? Of course not. Some of the beverage options provide you with balanced nutrition while some others don’t. However, plain water can always be the safest option to take if you want to avoid unhealthy drinks.

  • The Pear Cucumber Agua Fresca

As the name suggests, this beverage is made of nutritious fruits like pear and cucumber. This fruit-based agua fresca is an ideal choice especially if you want to add flavor to your drink without being worried about the nutritions contained. Per 16 ounces drink of this Pear Cucumber Agua Fresca, you will find zero fat, 5mg sodium, 0g protein, 16g carbohydrate, and 60 calories. 

  • Lemonade

If you want less sugar in your drink, avoid this Lemonade in your Blaze Pizza order. Among the beverage options available in the restaurant, this Lemonade comes with the highest sugar content. It is not a good option especially for those who are having sugar blood issues. In every 16oz cup of Lemonade, there are 150 calories and 38g carbohydrate, and 5mg sodium. When ordering beverages in Blaze Pizza, it is better to avoid sodas. Just like Lemonade, sodas are also the least nutritious drink option in the restaurant.

Specific Diet Options

Blaze Pizza also provides solutions for those who are suffering from celiac disease or having allergies to gluten. The restaurant comes with gluten-free menus like Vegetarian Pizza with cauliflower crust, Keto pizza, BLT Cobb Salad, Arugula Pizza and Fresh Fruit Salad, as well as Tomato and Mozzarella Salad.

Not only gluten-free pizzas, but Blaze Pizza also offers other diet-specific menu options such as diabetes-friendly, low-carb, and vegan diets. Some diabetes-friendly menu options offered are Keto Pizza, Classic Greek Salad, and BLT Wedge Salad. You can also order Low-Carb Keto Pizza that is made of cauliflower crust or classic dough to accommodate your needs of low-carb menus.