What do Kpop idols eat to lose weight? To be an idol in the Kpop world, talents in music are not enough. Yes, those idols must be visually good and attractive from head to toe. Sure, it is not an easy thing. It is even not a secret that Kpop agencies require their artists to do treatments including plastic surgery. For their body, diet is also an important thing to keep them slim. If you are interested in having such a body shape, you can use some diet tips from Kpop idols below. You should not worry; they are still considered healthy and easy to follow.

IU – Apple

One of the South Korean sweethearts basically already has a slim and petite figure. However, it doesn’t stop her to manage her daily consumption. Yes, IU’s key secret for her slim body is apple. While she limits her daily consumption, IU also eats apples after eating to get extra nutrition. Furthermore, she also feels healthier with this habit. It is reasonable for sure. Apple is full of fiber and low calories. Aside from keeping your ideal body, apples are known to solve some health problems; keeping your digestive system healthy, fighting against free radicals, preventing the risks of cancers, and more.

Wendy (Red Velvet) – Lemon and Vegetables

Wendy is a member who was once quite fat. She was even bullied for that. That’s why; she applies a healthy diet to lose weight. She chooses the 13-day diet with a different menu. The menu itself still contains balanced nutrition for sure. More importantly, she always includes vegetables and lemon. Additionally, she also chooses not to eat at night. To support her diet program, Wendy recommends aerobic so that you can lose weight much faster.

Jennie (Blackpink) – Detox Juice

All the Blackpink members have been granted the slim body naturally. That’s why; they may not need to do so many diet programs for shaping their body. But sure, the demand to look perfect is always around them. This way, one of the members, Jennie, has a tip to maintain her ideal body shape. One of them is by consuming the detox juice. Detox juice itself is composed of some fruits and vegetables. For example, it is a mix of celery, apple, kale, parsley, lemon, ginger, and honey. Despite consuming detox juice, Jennie also loves doing yoga and Pilates along with her fellow member, Rose.

Seolhyun (AOA) – Fruits, Vegetables, Chicken Breast

The actress and the member of AOA, Seolhyun, also has a trick to keep her ideal body. For her daily consumption, she eats more fruits and vegetables. Besides, she also adds a piece of chicken breast to her menu. The chicken breast is known for its high level of protein but the calorie is relatively low. It simply makes your tummy feel full so that your body shape can just be maintained well without you needing to be hungry all the time. If you want to follow Seolhyun’s diet, you can change the menu combination every day as long as it still consists of fruits, vegetables, and sources of protein.

Sandeul (B1A4) – Salad

Yes, in the Kpop world, not only females must struggle with their body shape. Their fellow male idols must also do the same thing. One of them is Sandeul. His favorite diet menu is a salad but at the same time, Sandeul actually doesn’t really like green vegetables. One of his diet tips is still making vegetable salad but he also adds lentils and fruits to enrich the tastes and textures in his salad. His diet is just successful since he can even reduce weight up to 9 kilograms with this menu. There is no side effect as well. So, you can try it.

Park Bom (ex-2NE1) – Watermelon

One of the secrets to keeping your body slim and healthy is watermelon. At least, this is a tip given by the ex-member of 2 NE1, Park Bom. Sure, she still eats other menus. By never forgetting watermelon in her daily intake, your tummy can just simply be full because the fruit contains 90% water. Interestingly, watermelon is also known to give many other health benefits. It reduces hypertension, hydrates your body system, improves the heart benefits, and more. Watermelon is very good for your skin and hair also. But if you have a hypotension problem, it is better to avoid eating watermelon too much.

Seohyun (ex-SNSD) – Sweet Potatoes

Carbohydrate is often blamed for the increase in our weight. But you should not worry, as long as you eat it at a balanced portion; it is not bad at all. Besides, you must also choose a kind of carbohydrate source that tends to be low-calorie. You can follow the tip from one of the ex-SNSD members, Seohyun. Yes, she loves eating sweet potatoes. Despite its good taste, sweet potato is also recommended for diets as it is low-calorie and rich in vitamin E to smooth your bloodstream. Sure, you can combine it with other foods including fruits and veggies.

Suzy (ex-Miss A) – Sweet Potatoes and Low-Fat Milk

The ex-member of Miss A who is currently more active as an actress, Suzy, has a diet method called intermittent fasting. She provides a particular duration for fasting and duration for eating. Even in her eating time, she manages her menu so that she keeps healthy without gaining weight. Some of the key menus are sweet potatoes and low-fat milk. Sweet potatoes are the main source of carbohydrates. Meanwhile, low-fat milk is for getting protein. Sure, she also has another menu like chicken breasts and salad.

Heechul (Super Junior) – Tofu

Heechul from Super Junior is one of the male idols who put effort into losing his weight. He chooses tofu as his main menu and it is effective. He can even lose weight up to 7 kilograms in only two weeks. Of course, tofu is not the only food he consumes. He also eats fruits, vegetables, and some sources of carbohydrates while tofu is the highlight. Besides, Heechul also does squats as his favorite workout method.