Do you feel energized? Do you have enough energy to go for a run, do other physical activities, or get through your day without coffee? Are your clothes starting to fit better and your belt starting to feel looser? Did the acne and/or wrinkles start clearing up too? These are just some of the many signs that maybe it’s time to take a look at what’s really going on with your diet.

But before you do, please realize that this is a life-changing situation that can’t be treated with willpower alone. It won’t just go away. High carb diets are frustrating and difficult for many people to change even when the body wants it to. It’s important to test the waters with little or no carbs and see if your body responds well enough to follow a low carb lifestyle.

If you suspect you’re eating too much sugar or grains , this is a great place to start. Consult with a healthcare professional if necessary.

The first week or two is going to be challenging, but your body will adjust; and it’s really important that you keep an open mind and try not to beat yourself up too much over slip-ups . It’s just your body adjusting until it finds the right balance between macro nutrients (carbs, proteins, and fats). The good news is that when your body does find the right balance for you, you will feel much better than you ever have before.

Keto Diet

Here are some of the signs that your low carb ketogenic diet is working:

  1. Energy: I can’t tell you how many people have told me how tired they were on their return to a low carb lifestyle. In fact, in my opinion, this is one of the best signs of success.
  2. Weight loss: You may lose weight extremely quickly the first week, but then it slows down. Once you’ve lost a few pounds, your weight will level off and stay there as long as you don’t go back to eating carbs.
  3. Hunger: This one is important because if you aren’t hungry, then it’s likely you are eating too many carbs. It takes 30-45 days for hunger to go away as your body adjusts to this life-style change.
  4. Desire to exercise: I’m convinced that the lack of desire to exercise is one of the most common problems people have living a low carb lifestyle, but once they realize that this is a very temporary problem they are able to make it through.
  5. Decreased cravings: I can’t tell you how many times people tell me they used to eat “just anything” when they went out with friends or family and now they want nothing but water right after they eat.
  6. Acne, psoriasis, dandruff: Some people may notice their skin is clearing up.
  7. Headaches: This one is one of the most common problems for people who eat too many carbs. In fact, many many people have told me that when they eat a high carb meal, the next day they have a headache!
  8. Sleep: This one can be really tough because once you are feeling good it’s hard to tell if you are sleeping better or not. Many people have told me that they now wake up refreshed and don’t need to take naps during the day.
  9. Elimination: Lots of people tell me a low carb life-style has dramatically improved their bowel movements!
  10. Increased exercise endurance/fitness: Many people report that they can go for longer periods of time without getting out of breath and that working out is more enjoyable than it used to be.
  11. Better concentration and focus: A low carb life-style greatly reduces the “fuzzy” feeling some people experience because of eating too many carbs.
  12. Feeling calmer and more relaxed: Some people have told me they don’t get as stressed out as easily anymore, even under the same circumstances.
  13. Improved skin: People report that the acne and zits they had on their body before reaching a low carb life-style have cleared up or at least diminished.
  14. Weight loss: Even people who are over weight can see major improvements in their weight loss! Weight loss is not just about calories lost, but it’s also about the calorific deficit that is created when you eliminate so much sugar and carbs. I have seen many people report that they are able to eat much more food than before, and not get fat even though they seem to eat much more than people that are eating a low-fat / high carb diet. This makes sense because the body burns fat instead of carbs for energy.
  15. Spontaneous weight loss: Some people have reported that their weight loss just happens without them trying (just like me). I’ve noticed this, too. In fact, it’s a side effect of Keto.
  16. Foamy urine (nutty urine): If you have recently started Keto and you’re peeing like a racehorse, it’s probably because your body is now burning fat. I’ve had my share of the latter since I began eating Keto.